5 Reasons Why Offline Coding is Ideal for Luxury Packaging

2 mins

Rotech team

Coding luxury products online may be preferable, but due to the very nature of luxury packaging it isn’t always the best way to ensure high-quality, consistent results – even for highly automated manufacturing and packing operations.

Below we explain how coding your luxury packaging offline could be the favourable option:


1. Accurate code positioning – Luxury or premium goods often come in unusually shaped or uniquely designed packaging, allowing them to attract consumers as they browse the shelves. However, this type of packaging often has hard-to-reach areas which can make them difficult to accurately print online.

With an offline coding and marking system, such as our RF Auto or RF Lite, the pack is presented to the printer in flat form with the print area readily accessible. This results in a consistently clear, perfectly positioned code.


2. Short production runs – An offline coding system is an ideal solution for coding exclusive or limited edition products. Rather than installing a printer on each production line, a single offline system can cater to different packaging types and product ranges.


3. Adapting to seasonal variations – Luxury goods manufacturers can typically expect to be busier at certain times of the year, such as the run up to Christmas. While getting more operators on the job might seem like the easiest way of increasing capacity, an offline coder enables you to cope with seasonal spikes and is generally more cost effective due to the speed, flexibility and accuracy benefits it brings.


4. Anti-counterfeiting – As well as a system to code your packaging, our feeders can be used to add a security label to aid anti-counterfeiting measures.


5. Increased throughput – if coding is currently done by hand, an automatic offline coding system will reduce labour costs, free up skilled workers and speed up production.

If you are looking for a solution to print and/or label your luxury packaging, then please contact us for more information or a free on-site trial.