RL Print and Apply labeller printing label on clear pouch with barcode

Labelling Systems

Our two core labelling systems, the Print & Apply labeller and the Reel to Reel, are both designed and built here in our UK factory

Whether you need to apply small pre-printed promotional labels, or overprint an entire roll of labels off-line, we can supply a labelling system for you.

We also work with leading labelling manufacturers if your labelling requirements are more specific than what our base systems can achieve.

The Rotech Tick

Print & Apply

A label applicator suitable for both on-line and off-line applications, with the benefits of an established high resolution desktop label printer.

A system designed to dispense labels onto a product as it is transported by one of our feeding systems or it can be fitted directly to a production line conveyor.

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Crisp, clear prints

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Cost Effective

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The Rotech Tick

Reel to Reel

The reel-to-reel labelling mechanism allows you to simultaneously print, count and rewind label stock (and other reel-fed material).

The RL Reel to Reel is ideal for applications where the labels are subsequently applied by hand to the product, or where the label applicator does not have a coding system.

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Crisp, clear prints

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Easy to use

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 Rotech providing a live demonstration of an RF Pouch Feeder
The Rotech Tick

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