Print excellent quality codes and marks onto packaging sleeves

Sleeves are a very popular choice for food products; particularly ready meals packaged in trays, tubs or pots. Our systems and printers are designed to easily handle and print/label sleeves of all different shapes and sizes.


Thermal inkjet (TIJ) is ideally suited for printing variable data onto both varnished and unvarnished carboard commonly used for food sleeves. As it tends to be a small amount of information, such as a ‘use by’ or ‘best before’ date that needs to be printed, a TIJ printer is the most cost-effective solution.


Sleeves can prove difficult to print on-line as they can present the following problems:

  • Particular print areas may be hard to access
  • Tall tubs or pots can be unstable and difficult to guide down a packaging line
  • When placed around trays, sleeves can move making accurate code placement difficult

Taking the coding process off-line can solve these issues. We have several systems ideally suited to the printing and coding of sleeves.

RF Lite Sleeve Coder

The RF Lite offers the ideal solution for companies looking to automate their date coding process. Fitted with reliable thermal inkjet technology, the RF Lite is ideal for the concise date or batch coding of sleeves.

RF Auto

A step up from the RF Lite, the RF Auto fitted with either Thermal Inkjet (TIJ) or Continuous Inkjet (CIJ) is ideal for printing date and batch codes onto sleeves at exceptionally high speeds for long periods of time.

The RF Auto can also accomodate a labeller when there is a requirement to apply a label onto the sleeve.

The Rotech Tick

Success stories

  • Rotech’s RF Lite has become an “invaluable part of the process” at P.K.Foods Glasgow Ltd, having transformed the efficiency of the pakora producer’s coding operation. The user-friendly TIJ (thermal inkjet) coder has won over staff on the factory floor and e...

    PK Foods

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  • A RF2 feeding system fitted with thermal inkjet printer from Rotech has allowed The English Cheesecake Company to date code a pallet’s worth of cheesecakes in less than 2 minutes.

    The English Cheesecake Company

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  • Orexis Fresh Foods is a leading manufacturer of chilled, ready-to-eat food products, specifically dips of all ethnic backgrounds. The London-based company, has been a prominent figure in the sector for over 35 years, utilising traditional family recipes and techni...

    Orexis Fresh Foods

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  • Pots & Co. are a London-based company who manufacture “proper desserts”. As well as delivering an excellent taste sensation, they are also well known for their unique presentation, with each of their high-end desserts coming in a specially crafted ceramic pot.

    Pots & Co.

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The Rotech Tick

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 Date code printed on to food sleeve
The Rotech Tick

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