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Household Goods

Coding and marking solutions for household goods

Coding household goods

Household goods are available in a variety of different packaging types including cartons, bottles and tubs. For consumer safety, they all require a legible, durable batch code to be applied onto them.

Industrial printers for household goods

The most common application we see for household goods is the requirement to mark plastic bottles containing cleaning products. This can easily be achieved using thermal inkjet (TIJ) technology. Clean, maintenance-free TIJ printers are easily integrated into existing packaging lines to work in conjunction with other packaging machinery.

TIJ is also ideal for printing high quality, durable codes onto other household goods packaged in a variety of formats, such as sleeves, polybags, and cartons.

Feeding systems - off-line coding

When the packaging is to be coded in its flat form, we have a full range of feeding systems available. These can be fitted with your choice of printer and/or labeller to provide a standalone coding and marking solution.

Printing off-line is particularly ideal for promotional/limited edition products as you only print what you need, when you need it.

Printing secondary packaging

For secondary packaging, our large character marking (LCM) printers offer a cost-effective, low-maintenance alternative to labelling. These systems can print verifiable barcodes, text and graphics on areas up to 500mm wide.

These printers can be fitted with an existing conveyor or supplied with a Rotech conveyor.

The Rotech Tick


 RF1 Feeding system with a close up of friction infeed
  • Since installing the new printer, we’ve increased output from 15 bottles per minute to 20, and no longer need any additional labour to label bottles. The printer is so simple and effective – it sits neatly on the conveyor and requires little intervention, other than changing the settings on the soft


  • We now have 4 Rotech batch coding devices. Having just gone through a rebrand of our packaging, we found further need for the coding machines, some of which we needed to work in conjunction with our automated packing machines. Steve was full of good advice - we ended up buying 3 more batch coders.

    Ava May Aromas

  • It gives us great flexibility. We sometimes get top-up orders that are much smaller than the usual production run and we need to have the flexibility to handle those too. That’s no problem for the Rotech system.


The Rotech Tick


The Rotech Tick

Success stories

  • Ava May Aromas Carton printed with batch number using RF Lite and thermal inkjet printer

    Ava May Aromas is a young, inspiring producer of heavenly scented wax melts and candles. Their vegan-friendly and cruelty-free handmade products are complemented with reed diffusers and room sprays, all available in a range of dupe scents inspired by popular design...

    Ava May Aromas

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  • Thermal inkjet product description and batch number on candle manufacturer packaging

    A candle manufacturer has boosted its ability to meet growing demand for its premium products by swapping messy and inflexible old coding systems for four clean and flexible, low-maintenance thermal inkjet (TIJ) printers from Rotech.

    Candle Manufacturer

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  • Cartons being fed and printed using RF2

    A high-speed offline coding system from Rotech has enabled contract packer Speedpac to meet all its coding requirements using a single printer, as well as eliminating the need to apply separate coded labels to its gift packs.


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