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Contract Packing

Flexible coding & marking solutions, ideal for contract packing

Coding for contract packers

Packing, manufacturing, and reworking or repackaging products are all activities undertaken by contract packers.

Our solutions are well suited to contract packing as they are flexible and able to print or label a wide range of information. For short or job specific contracts, we also offer rental services to ensure quick and easy access to coding and marking equipment, as and when you need it.


Industrial coders for packaging

Our innovative thermal inkjet (TIJ) printers are ideal for printing variable codes, text or information onto most packaging types. They can be easily integrated into existing lines, causing minimal disruption.

TIJ is a clean, maintenance-free technology – there are no moving parts, and the only ongoing cost is for the self-contained ink cartridges.

Feeding systems - off-line coding

Sometimes, coding is best done away from the main production line (off-line). We have a range of systems specifically designed to handle and code a wide range of packaging formats off-line.

We have a feeder to suit almost every application. From our compact RF Lite – ideal for small runs of cartons or sleeves, to our more complex RF Compliance – designed to help pharmaceutical manufacturers comply with legislations. All Rotech’s feeders are designed and manufactured here in our UK factory to exacting standards.

Printing secondary packaging

For outer cases, our high-resolution large character marking (LCM) printers offer a low-maintenance, high-speed alternative to labelling. These case coders are capable of printing verifiable barcodes, text, and graphics on areas up to 500mm wide.

The Rotech Tick


 X72 Outer Case printer on a horticulture production line
  • Quantrelle, contract packers for the wholesale and retail sector bought their second semi-automatic carton coder earlier this year. When asked if the printers continue to perform satisfactorily the simple reply was, "all is good thank you, perhaps you make them too well!

    Quantrelle Packaging Solutions

  • The handling system is certainly earning its keep. You guys really delivered a first-class product. They all find it easy to use and I’ve not heard of any downtime.


  • It gives us great flexibility. We sometimes get top-up orders that are much smaller than the usual production run and we need to have the flexibility to handle those too. That’s no problem for the Rotech system.


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The Rotech Tick

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