Thermal Inkjet printing QR code, lot number and expiry date on a carton


Anti-counterfeit coding aids product security and peace of mind against counterfeit products.

Anti-counterfeit coding & marking is a crucial element of the production process for manufacturers looking to protect their products, customers, and brand reputation. This is especially true for luxury goods, pharmaceutical, medical, and cosmetic manufacturers.


UV thermal inkjet technology is designed for anti-counterfeit coding, high security product protection, enabling customers in all sectors to add secure marks and codes to products. The UV ink can be printed in conjunction with standard batch codes, date codes, QR codes, serial numbers, brand labels or barcodes that meet ISO/IEC 15415 quality specification.

Alternatively, it can be applied directly to specific parts of the packaging or labelling in a range of formats. Thermal inkjet printers are cost-effective, compact systems that can be easily integrated into production lines.


Depending on the application and throughput requirements, some products are best coded off-line. Thermal inkjet systems and UV ink cartridges can seamlessly integrate with Rotech’s range of feeding systems. Most notably, the RF1 can be fitted with a number of complementary accessories, ensuring you have a solution to fit your exact application needs.

The Rotech Tick

The benefits of UV coding include:

  • Enhanced security for the product and/or packaging
  • Increased product traceability
  • Code doesn’t detract from packaging design
  • Extremely difficult to replicate – excellent for anti-counterfeiting measures

The benefits of TIJ printing include:

  • Clean, cartridge-based system
  • Service & maintenance-free technology
  • Excellent print quality up to 600dpi
The Rotech Tick

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The Rotech Tick

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