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British-made, innovative feeding systems, ideal for coding a wide range of packaging types off-line, flexibly and reliably.

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In a nutshell

Although coding your products and packaging on-line is nearly always favourable for ease and efficiency, it’s not always the best solution. For some applications, coding away from your production line (off-line) is the preferred method, offering flexibility and dependability where needed.

Our RF range of feeding systems have been designed to handle any flat-form product or packaging, and can be fitted with a variety of coding & marking technologies to suit your individual application needs, no matter how small, big or complex.

Take a look at our comparison table below to find out which feeder may best suit your application.

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Off-line coding, for when you need it

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No compromises

All of our feeders are designed, prototyped and built here in the UK to exacting standards. From the entry-level RF Lite – a simple, low-cost system, ideal for food start-ups looking to automate their date coding process, to our flagship RF Compliance – a complex system designed from the ground up to comply with with the heavily-regulated pharmaceutical industry.


The Rotech Tick

Why go off-line?

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  • Industry-leading speed – some of our systems can code a day’s worth of production in under an hour – considerably faster than coding or labelling small and medium batches by hand
  • Reduces labour requirements for coding and marking, allowing the workforce to be more productive
  • Some systems can be supplied with a shingling conveyor, so a single operator can handle even large and fast production volumes
  • Product sizes can be swapped in seconds with quick-adjust in-feed hoppers, minimalising downtime

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  • Replicate perfect results over and over again with a feeding system that presents the product the exact same way every time
  • Some of our systems are designed and built for production volumes of up to 25,000 products per day, so you can be confident your production remains uninterrupted day after day
  • All of Rotech’s feeding systems are designed, prototyped and built here in the UK using quality materials and components designed to last
  • 12-month warranty with all feeding systems

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  • We design and manufacture our own systems, so have ultimate flexibility in engineering a solution made for you

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  • Great for businesses producing seasonal or special edition products, who need a flexible solution that can code or mark only a low number of batches before changing packaging or product entirely – which would potentially render their on-line solution useless
  • All of our systems provide very short pay-back times

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  • We utilise a range of feeding methods, giving us the advantage of feeding even the most difficult flat-form packaging types, including flexible packaging and those with variable thicknesses
  • Most of our systems are fitted with our own thermal inkjet technology, ensuring a crisp, clear print without mess or odour
  • The majority of systems are also compatible with a range of other coding, marking and labelling systems including TTO, CIJ and Print & Apply label applicators

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Success stories

  • Pakora producer food sleeve printed with best before date using thermal inkjet printer

    Rotech’s RF Lite has become an “invaluable part of the process” at P.K.Foods Glasgow Ltd, having transformed the efficiency of the pakora producer’s coding operation. The user-friendly TIJ (thermal inkjet) coder has won over staff on the factory floor and e...

    PK Foods

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  • English cheesecake company cartons

    A RF2 feeding system fitted with thermal inkjet printer from Rotech has allowed The English Cheesecake Company to date code a pallet’s worth of cheesecakes in less than 2 minutes.

    The English Cheesecake Company

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  • Coded best before date on food sleeve printed with thermal inkjet and RF Lite feeder

    Orexis Fresh Foods is a leading manufacturer of chilled, ready-to-eat food products, specifically dips of all ethnic backgrounds. The London-based company, has been a prominent figure in the sector for over 35 years, utilising traditional family recipes and techni...

    Orexis Fresh Foods

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  • Food sleeve printed with best before date and batch number using thermal inkjet printer and RF1 Feeder

    Pots & Co. are a London-based company who manufacture “proper desserts”. As well as delivering an excellent taste sensation, they are also well known for their unique presentation, with each of their high-end desserts coming in a specially crafted ceramic pot.

    Pots & Co.

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 Date coding on edible gummies carton
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