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Durable, heavy-duty coding and marking solutions for the building industry


Our versatile thermal inkjet (TIJ) printers are capable of printing high quality batch numbers, barcodes and icons onto many porous and non-porous substrates. The durable, smudge proof print can be applied directly to the product on the production line. For harsh, extreme environments, our IP model printers are protected against water and dust.  

For outer cases, wood and other porous substrates, our large area printers offer a low-maintenance, high-speed alternative to labelling. The innovative systems are capable of printing verifiable barcodes, text, and graphics on areas up to 500mm wide. 


Rotech has a range of flexible feeding systems suited for coding flat-form products & packaging that requires coding away from the production line. The RF Auto easily handles products with varying thicknesses including Tyvek, pouches, cartons and blister cards. The system can handle large runs of products in batches, allowing you to change the variable data as and when required. 

Outer cases and boxes can also be printed off-line using the RF Case, which is ideal for marking side and end panels in one pass. 

The Rotech Tick


The Rotech Tick

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The Rotech Tick

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