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Durable, heavy-duty coding and marking solutions for building products

With the extreme conditions that come hand in hand with the building and construction industry, your coding and marking equipment must be able to withstand dust, dirt and damp conditions. Manufacturers can benefit from maintenance-free technology and heavy-duty equipment, which will maximise efficiency even in harsh environments.

Coding building materials on-line

Thermal inkjet (TIJ) is a maintenance free coding technology that can print durable, high-quality variable information directly on the production line.

With the ability to print barcodes, batch numbers, product ID, graphics, and logos onto building materials, you can maintain visibility of your products across the entire supply chain and provide consumers with crucial information.

The compact printers can work alongside existing industrial machinery, giving you flexibility in the installation process. A simple, operator-friendly interface guarantees seamless integration into your production line and your workforce.

Specialist thermal inkjet printers are available for the most harsh or challenging production environments. You can protect your coding equipment from wet and dusty conditions, whilst retaining the print quality of thermal inkjet. Printers go up to IP65.

Feeding systems - off-line coding

Rotech offer a range of heavy duty feeding systems suited for coding flat-form packaging, away from the production line. The feeders can be fitted with a range of equipment, including print and apply labellers, thermal inkjet, or thermal transfer printers, resulting in a standalone solution that can cater to various packaging types and sizes.

The RF Auto is a coding and marking solution for products with varying thicknesses including Tyvek, pouches, cartons, and blister cards. The system can handle large runs of products in batches, allowing you to change the variable data as and when required.  

Outer cases and boxes can also be printed away from the production line using the RF Case, which is ideal for marking side and end panels in one pass. 

Large character marking (LCM)

For outer cases, wood and other porous substrates, our large character marking printers offer a low-maintenance, high-speed alternative to labelling. The innovative systems are capable of printing verifiable barcodes, text, and graphics on areas up to 500mm wide. 

The X72 large character printer, is an ideal system for industrial, building environments. It requires zero maintenance, has no moving parts and is suitable for harsh conditions.

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