Printed medical bags and pouches with thermal inkjet print

Bags & Pouches

Coding, marking & labelling solutions for applying excellent quality variable information onto bags & pouches

We have a range of innovative coding, marking & labelling solutions, ideal for printing variable information onto pre-formed bags or pouches.

On-line pouch coding solutions

For printing small amounts of information, for example a use by or best before date code, a thermal inkjet printer is ideal. These printers are mess & maintenance-free, easy to integrate into existing lines and they consistently produce high-quality text and codes.

When a large amount of information needs to be printed, for example a product description or ingredients’ declaration, the Integra PP Razr 34 may be used – the innovative Piezo printer can create high-quality, seamless prints on porous & non porous substrates on areas up to 34mm high.

Thermal transfer (TTO) printers are also capable of producing excellent quality, large prints onto bags & pouches. A print is made by placing thermal transfer ribbon between a heated printhead and the product. The heat passes through the ribbon, releasing the ink, which adheres to the substrate, cooling rapidly, resulting in a permanent print.

Off-line pouch coding solutions

When using pre-made pouches or trying to code onto filled packs, coding on-line becomes problematic. For these applications, coding away from the line using an off-line coding system is ideal to maximise efficiency and ensure consistent, quality printed codes, as pouches can be printed offline before they are filled, and brought to the production line ready printed.

We have several feeding systems designed to handle pouches & bags with ease, the RF Lite (pouch variant), RF Auto and RF Pouch.

Ink adhesion

We supply ink that excellently adheres to pouches & bags, producing a high-resolution, contrasting print that will not rub off. Our free sample testing service ensures that the right formulation is picked for your application.

With several ink colours available, as well as a UV ink, we are well equipped to provide a solution that will fit your brand aesthetic whilst meeting traceability requirements.

Labelling systems

Our versatile Print & Apply labeller is ideal for applying labels onto bags and pouches, either as they are being transported on one of our off-line feeding systems or as they pass by on a production line conveyor.

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