IP Protection for Coding in Harsh Environments

22nd July 2019 | 2 mins

Rotech team

For many companies, particularly those in the food and drink or pharmaceutical sector, a daily washdown is necessary to adhere to strict hygiene regulations. Washdowns are also essential to prolong the lifespan of the systems and ensure the production area is a safe environment to work in.

During a washdown, floors, conveyor belts and machines are hosed down with water. However, inkjet printers and labellers cannot always handle the process and as such must be covered or even dismantled


By taking note of the International Protection Marking code (IP Code) on the machinery, time and effort can be saved.

Note: These ratings also apply to production environments with high dust levels


IP code breakdown

The IP Code of electronic equipment indicates the degree of protection the housing and connectors provide against dust and liquids. The code consists of two digits. The first indicates the protection that the enclosure provides against contact and solid objects. The second indicates the protection against ingress of liquids.

The table below explains the IP protection codes according to DIN EN 60529



 Protection against particles and objects:

0  No protection
1  Protection against large surfaces > 50 mm (e.g. back of hand)
2  Protection against medium surfaces > 12.5 mm (e.g. fingers)
3  Protection against small surfaces > 2.5 mm (e.g. tools)
4  Protection against very small surfaces > 1 mm (e.g. wires, ants)
5  Protection against dust. Limited ingress with no harmful deposit
6  Dust tight



 Protection against ingress of liquids:

0  No protection
1  Protection against vertically dripping water
2  Protection against vertically dripping water when tilted at 15°
3  Protection against spraying water at any angle up to 60°
4  Protection against splashing of water from any direction
5  Protection against water jets (nozzle: 6.3 mm) from any direction
6  Protection against powerful water jets (nozzle: 12.5 mm) from any direction
7  Protection against immersion up to 1-meter depth
8  Protection against continuous immersion up to 1-meter depth or more
9  Protection against close-range high pressure, high temperature water jets


By checking the IP code of your coding and printing equipment you can understand how well it is protected against dust and water. For typical washdown areas, machines with an IP55 or IP65 rating are ideal.

What we can offer

Our Markoprint IP-Jet HP Inkjet printer has been specifically designed for use in harsh production environments. The compact printer combines printhead and control unit in protective housing. With a special seal in the area of the cartridge, an overpressure connection and watertight connectors dust and liquid particles cannot ingress.

If you would like more advice on IP ratings and what you may require in your workplace, contact us