Aluminium foil lids

Print excellent quality codes and marks onto aluminum foil lids

Used on yoghurt, cream and custard pots, aluminium foil lids are a common application for the dairy industry.  The use-by dates, batch numbers and variable information applied must be high-resolution and durable to guarantee consumer safety and product traceability.


Due to advancements in ink formulations, thermal inkjet (TIJ) printers can easily produce a durable, clear print onto most non-porous substrates, including aluminum foil lids. The units, which are maintenance and mess-free, use drop-on-demand technology to avoid spillage and contamination.

As aluminium foil lids commonly cover perishable items, the production lines must be fast and efficient, with minimal downtime. TIJ Printers start up and shut down instantaneously and the only requirement is a quick cartridge replacement.

Multiple printers can be wirelessly connected, allowing one operator to control the formats away from the production line. In turn, printers can be closely monitored, reducing the risk of product recalls through misprinting.

The Rotech Tick

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