Aluminium foil lid

Solutions for aluminium foil lid coding - print variable data onto yoghurt pots and dairy products with ease

Aluminium foil lid coding is a common application for the dairy industry who apply code directly to yoghurt, cream and custard pots.

The use-by-dates, batch numbers or variable information applied must be high-resolution and durable to guarantee consumer safety and product traceability.

On-line coding of aluminium foil lids

Thermal inkjet (TIJ) printers are capable of producing, clear, quality prints onto most non-porous substrates, including aluminium foil lids. The mess-free, maintenance-free units use drop-on-demand technology to avoid spillage and contamination.

Foil lids commonly cover perishable items, therefore coding must be fast and efficient, with minimal downtime. TIJ technology is ideal for dairy production lines, as the printers start up and shut down instantaneously.

Multiple printers can be wirelessly connected, allowing one operator to control the formats away from the production line. In turn, printers can be closely monitored, reducing the risk of product recalls through misprinting.

Ink adhesion

We supply ink that excellently adheres to non-porous substrates such as aluminium foil lids.

By printing directly to packaging, manufacturers can remove unnecessary labels, dramatically reducing costs and waste. It is possible to produce high-resolution, contrasting print that will not rub off.

With several ink colours available, as well as a UV ink, we are well equipped to provide a solution that will fit your brand aesthetic whilst meeting traceability requirements.

Effortless integration into dairy production lines

Thermal Inkjet (TIJ) printers can be easily integrated into complicated, automatic rotary filling machines. The compact units fit into confined spaces and do not require regular maintenance or operator intervention, resulting in increased uptime.

TIJ can also be incorporated onto traversing systems to apply code to multi-lane production line equipment.

The Rotech Tick

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