Printing excellent quality, durable codes onto bottles

Applications for bottle coding are far-reaching, with a diverse range of requirements and on-line factors to consider.

Whether printing 1mm best before dates onto vape bottles or batch coding industrial containers in harsh environments, it is crucial to have coding expertise and support in place to ensure you are working within certain standards and meeting regulations.

Your existing production process and environment will dictate what technology is used and how it is integrated. With Rotech’s industry expertise, we can assist you to print directly on the bottle, onto labels and even on the secondary and tertiary packaging.

Thermal inkjet for printing bottles

There are several print placements that a bottle manufacturer may choose. It could be direct to the side of the product, the neck of the bottle, the lid or on a label which wraps around. Thermal inkjet (TIJ) technology is capable of all the above. It is versatile, compact and reliable, meaning that integration into exisiting packaging lines is simple. The industrial printers can operate in harsher production environments, with models specifically for dusty or wet conditions.

High-speed TIJ is ideal for fast-paced bottling lines. The click-in-click-out catridges can be swapped out in seconds, minimalising downtime. Additionally, each time the cartridge is changed, so is the printhead, meaning that there is no maintenance required. The printers also start up and shut down instantly, helping to maximise efficiency and retain high throughput rates.

Ink adhesion

Printing onto bottles requires an ink that produces a high-resolution, contrasting print that will not rub off. We can supply ink that excellently adheres to plastic, and our free sample testing service ensures that the right formulation is picked for your application.

With several ink colours available, as well as a UV ink, we are well equipped to provide a solution that will fit your brand aesthetic whilst meeting traceability requirements.

A glass pill bottle with white variable information printed on the bottom.
Batch code printed onto vaoe bottle
Coding bottles using UV ink aids security and traceability, helping to protect both brands and consumers.

Secondary packaging

Bottles typically used in the vape and cosmetic industries require secondary packaging to protect the product, aid presentation and improve storage capabilities. Rotech offer solutions that allow companies to print variable information on these boxes with ease – both on or away from the production line (off-line).

We have several feeding systems ideal for the printing and/or labelling of secondary packaging, including our popular RF Lite and RF Auto.

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