Coding & Marking

Print late-stage information directly onto your primary and secondary packaging- quickly, reliably and at the right price point.

Equipment designed to offer the ideal off- or on-line solution for printing variable data. The selection of technologies available equips us to satisfy a range of applications at almost any level of difficulty or budget.

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Thermal inkjet printers

Thermal Inkjet (TIJ) technology is a modern solution that delivers high-resolution, high- speed coding directly to your production line. The compact units are maintenance-free and require minimal downtime due to their interchangeable ink cartridges.  This also contributes towards their reputation of a clean, mess-free printer.

If you are looking to print variable information such as date codes, batch numbers and 1D/2D barcodes, our printers can be integrated into your production line alongside existing equipment.

Crisp, clear prints


Simple integration


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Large area printers

For reliable, large area printing onto both primary and secondary packaging, the Rotech range of Seiko printers offer the ideal solution. These innovative systems allow for information previously carried on a label to be printed directly onto any porous surface.

As a result, you save costs on consumables, printing, and the need for an application system. With the ability to print a barcode to the required standard, the savings of direct box printing are substantial.

Reduces waste

Crisp, clear prints

Simple integration


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Thermal transfer printers

Ideal for applications that require a large area to be printed, particularly on flexible film, label stock and medical paper.

A print is made by placing thermal transfer ribbon between a heated printhead and the product to be marked. The heat passes through the ribbon, releasing the ink, which adheres to the substrate, cooling rapidly, resulting in a permanent print.

Thermal transfer overprinting (TTO) coders are suitable for printing high quality variable data, barcodes and images onto packaging material, for a wide range of industries.

High resolution

Proven technology

High maintenance

Costly to run

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Hot foil coders

Ideal for the printing of discrete LOT identification onto cosmetic cartons.

Hot foil technology is reliable, economical and low maintenance, making it ideal for printing use by dates, lot numbers, batch codes and expiry dates. It is also versatile in that it can print metallic codes – something the other technologies cannot do.

It works by a heated metal die pressing a pigmented hot foil tape against the packaging material.

High resolution

Low initial cost



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Laser coders

Ideal for the identification and product verification of pharmaceutical cartons.

An environmentally friendly technology, laser coders work by etching or vaporising the surface layer of the material, leaving an inerasable mark.

Scribing laser coders can produce text, graphics, variable and serialised data as well as 2D codes onto a range of substrates.

High speed

Environmentally friendly

High initial investment


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Continuous inkjet printers

Ideal for high-speed production and printing on curved surfaces.

While sophisticated, these types of printers require careful maintenance and are also limited in their resolution, as only one droplet lands on the product at a time.

The volatile solvents employed can also present a challenge in terms of safe disposal.

High speed

Costly to maintain

Uses hazardous chemicals

Bulky units

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