Outer case boxes printed with product information, barcodes and Julian code using large area printer


Ideal solutions for coding and labelling corrugated cardboard and outer cases

Sturdy yet lightweight, corrugated cardboard cases are used in the contract packing and logistics industries, but are also crucial for storage, shipping, and transportation on all production lines.  Therefore, the cases must display a clear, durable code for tracking and product identification.

Coding at a later stage of the production process gives you much more flexibility than using pre-printed outer cases; information can be changed instantaneously without wasting precious inventory and space. Additionally, you can print real-time date and time codes.

On-line solutions


When a particularly high contrast barcode is required to meet specific barcoding standards, labelling is the most sensible solution. The contrast between the white label and the black ink results in a higher-grade barcode. Labels also have the advantage that they can be applied from almost any angle, including around corners. Labels are also ideal for uneven surfaces.

Metal and Plastic Corrugate

Thermal inkjet technology is capable of producing permanent prints onto non-porous substrates like plastic and metal using various ink grades to achieve the best adhesion. The printers are non-contact with a throw distance of up to 5mm, therefore it is preferable to print onto a flat surface. However, this is not a problem if the curved print area does not exceed the 5mm threshold.

Direct printing

In comparison to labelling, direct on-line printing improves uptime and accuracy, resulting in massive cost savings while also reducing mis deliveries or returns. Rotech offer two technologies for direct box printing: thermal inkjet for smaller prints up to 12.7mm, and large character marking print technology for printing up to 108mm.

Both can print 1D & 2D barcodes, including GS1-128, EAN and UPS which are all commonly used for shipping.  The systems reduce costs due to their low maintainance technology and limited consumable use. By removing the labels on your corrugate you create a secure code that cannot be ripped off or distressed.

Off-line solutions

Rotech’s RF Case feeding system is a popular choice for businesses wanting to print or label their outer cases off-line in their flat form. The benefit of this is you can print variable data in small batches on multiple product runs. The twin conveyor allows for the easy separation of boxes onto the conveyor, for individual printing and labelling.

Conveyor Systems

Our range of quality conveyor systems, designed and built by us, are ideal for secondary coding applications, such as printing onto corrugated cardboard.

The Rotech Tick

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