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Plastic Pipes & Extrusion

Print excellent quality codes and marks onto plastic pipes and extrusions

Coding and marking is crucial to achieve security and traceability on extrusions. Plastic pipes and extrusions are manufactured in all shapes, sizes, and materials, therefore you must choose a reliable solution that can manage variation and withstand the changing manufacturing environments.

Thermal inkjet (TIJ)

Thermal Inkjet printers can apply black, white or UV ink to plastic, metal, and other man-made materials. The click in, click out cartridges are replaceable within a matter of seconds, ensuring quick colour changes and limited downtime. Each compact system can produce clear, fade resistant barcodes, variable data, and graphics whilst in harsh, industrial environments.

Recent advancements in ink technology have allowed manufacturers to improve the performance and efficiency of their coding operation. Many old continuous inkjet (CIJ) printers are being replaced with thermal inkjet printers due to their enhanced reliability, flexibility, and cost savings. TIJ technology is maintenance-free and contains no moving parts, resulting in a easy to use system that requires no regular repairs and servicing.

Seamless printer integration

TIJ printers can be simply fitted on to a conveyor system or integrated into the production line. Our lightweight, custom-made frames are designed to position the printer at the required point of use with little or no disruption.


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Success stories

  • Thermal Inkjet, integra one printing onto plastic extrusion with white ink

    Rotech have proved that it is possible to produce clear white and black codes, cost effectively on problematic HDPE surfaces through a project at UK plastic extrusions manufacturer Verplas. The economical and compact iJet thermal inkjet overprinter has enabled the ...


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