Blister cards printed with barcode using thermal inkjet printer

Blister cards

Achieve excellent quality codes and marks on blister cards

One manufacturing site can often use hundreds of variants of blister cards, the only difference being the information printed on it. Generally, blister cards are a regular shape, flat, easy to print onto and capable of being handled at high speeds.


An off-line coding system can provide the perfect solution for the late stage customisation of blister cards. Both our RF Lite and RF Auto feeders offer a cost-effective solution for blister card coding. The model chosen would be dependant on the sizes of the blister cards and the technology chosen to print on to them.

Thermal inkjet (TIJ) technology

Mess and mainenance-free, TIJ is ideal for printing batch numbers, barcodes and even simple graphics onto blister cards.

Thermal transfer

If a large amount of information is to be printed onto the blister card, a thermal transfer printer (TTO) is the ideal solution.

The Rotech Tick

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