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Industrial, versatile coding equipment, ideal for coding automotive parts and packaging

Coding for the automotive industry

Manufacturers in the automotive industry are likely to be packing an extensive range of parts into a limited number of packaging types and sizes (usually cartons.) Spark plugs, for example, are mostly the same size, yet there are many varieties available. We have both on and off the line solutions available for the reliable coding and marking of automotive packaging.


Our compact thermal inkjet (TIJ) printers can be easily integrated into existing production lines and are ideal for printing onto high volumes of products. The systems are maintenance-free and can print onto most surfaces in a variety of colours, including white, yellow, and blue.


Printing on demand will have benefits in terms of lower stock holding of packaging components, and the ability to only print what is needed, when it is needed to meet orders produced in the factory.

Our range of innovative feeding systems have been designed to handle all shapes and sizes of carton. They can be fitted with a printer and/or labeller of your choice, creating a versatile standalone coding system. Our RF1 feeder with multi-head thermal TIJ printer is ideal for printing a product description and bar code onto a component carton.

Secondary packaging

For outer cases, our high-resolution large area printers offer a low-maintenance, high-speed alternative to labelling. The innovative systems are capable of printing verifiable barcodes, text, and graphics on areas up to 500mm wide.

These printers can be fitted to an existing conveyor or supplied with a Rotech conveyor.


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 RF1 Feeding system with a close up of friction infeed
  • The handling system is certainly earning its keep. You guys really delivered a first class product. They all find it easy to use and I’ve not heard of any downtime.


  • We’d never considered thermal inkjet before but you could say that we are converts. The coder supplied by Rotech has been a revelation - it’s an easy-to use, economical system with an impressive cost-versatility ratio.


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    Anyone that works in the car industry, or is passionate about car care, will recognise Autoglym as a trusted, premium car care brand. Established in 1965, their award-winning products are distributed and sold worldwide, and they’ve earned two Royal Warrants along...


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