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Coding and marking solutions to optimise traceability

Coding for the logistics industry

Logistics involves the movement of massive quantities of outer cases and boxes. It is essential that these boxes can be easily and accurately identified, so that they end up at the correct destination.

We have two solutions ideal for the identification of boxes.

Print/apply label applicator

Based on a bench top printer, the RL Print & Apply labeller enjoys all the benefits of a mass-produced, high resolution label printer, adapted to dispense labels either onto a product as it is transported by one of our feeding systems, or can be fitted directly to a production line conveyor.

Available with either a 200 or 300dpi printhead, an impressive print speed of up to 356mm/sec is achievable – allowing labels to be printed at dispense speed, a breakthrough for this type of system.

The RL Print & Apply features an intuitive design package, capable of printing all the common barcode symbology as well as text and graphics.

Large area printers

An alternative to labelling, our large area Seiko printers offer an ideal solution for the direct printing of verifiable barcodes and other information onto outer cases and boxes. Maximum print heights of 108mm allow for a large amount of information to be printed.

Any solution is likely to need interfacing with a customer ERP system/database as the information on each box is likely to be specific to that box.

RF Case – Off-line feeding system

The RF Case feeder has been designed to handle boxes in their flat form. Its twin conveyor design allows for the easy separation of boxes onto the conveyor, so they can be individually printed or labelled, ready for operator removal.


The Rotech Tick


 X72 Outer Case printer on a horticulture production line
  • The X72 Jet proved itself very quickly- zero downtime, easy to use & accommodated all our print data requirements. Our savings based on direct box printing versus label print and apply are more than £3.5K per year, per unit.

    Westland Horticulture

  • The unit is definitely one of the easiest/ straightforward coding machines we've dealt with over the years.

    Quality Assurance Manager

The Rotech Tick

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The Rotech Tick

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