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Coding and marking solutions to optimise traceability in the logistics industry

Logistics involves the movement of massive quantities of outer cases and boxes. It is essential that these boxes can be easily and accurately identified, so that they end up at the correct destination.

Print/apply labelling systems

Labelling is the most versatile way to apply information onto outer cases. Labels offer great flexibility as they can be applied from almost any angle, even around corners. They are also ideal for uneven surfaces, such as corrugated cards.

Excellent print quality can be easily achieved with thermal transfer printers, achieving high quality print legibility – crucial for most retailers as it must comply with the barcoding standard.

Direct box printing - case coders

If printing onto a white surface, you can achieve the same result as you would on a label with a case coder. When printing onto a brown box, the lower contrast between black and brown lowers the grade of barcode, but it is still fully compliant.

Unlike a labeller, a case coder does not require a pause between products as the print is being made at line speed as the box passes. Our PP108 can achieve lightning speeds of up to 600m/min.

In comparison to labelling, direct box printing is substantially cheaper, because you eliminate the cost of printing & applying the label.

RF Case - Off-line box coding

The RF Case feeder has been designed to handle boxes in their flat form. Its twin conveyor design allows for the easy separation of boxes onto the conveyor, so they can be individually printed or labelled, ready for operator removal.

The Rotech Tick


 X72 Outer Case printer on a horticulture production line
  • The X72 Jet proved itself very quickly- zero downtime, easy to use & accommodated all our print data requirements. Our savings based on direct box printing versus label print and apply are more than £3.5K per year, per unit.

    Westland Horticulture

  • The unit is definitely one of the easiest/ straightforward coding machines we've dealt with over the years.

    Quality Assurance Manager

The Rotech Tick

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The Rotech Tick

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