Cosmetic cartons printed with GS1,Lot number and expiry using thermal inkjet


Reliable solutions for quality carton coding and marking

Optimum carton coding may be achieved off-line using a carton coding system or on-line, using clean, maintenance-free thermal inkjet (TIJ) technology. If a particularly large print is needed, the Integra PP Razr 34 may be used – the innovative Piezo printer can create high-quality, seamless prints on varnished and unvarnished cartons on areas up to 34mm high.

Coding cartons on-line

Thermal inkjet (TIJ) printers are compact, reliable and easy to integrate, making them ideal for integration with existing equipment, including cartoners.

The clean, maintenance-free technology produces high-resolution prints, including serial numbers and GS1 code, at high speeds, making it a popular choice for pharmaceutical companies. Similarly, manufacturers of cosmetic products benefit from the small 1mm text that can be clearly and discreetly printed onto their cartons.

Coding cartons off-line

Depending on the application and throughput requirements, two challenges can mean that cartons – particularly pharmaceutical cartons – are best coded away from the production line (off-line). One relates to the nature of the carton’s construction: crash-lock is designed to be hand erected and therefore suited to an off-line application. The other relates to the difficulties of controlling a formed carton for on-line data matrix coding; smaller volumes of a larger range may mean an off-line solution is better suited.

Our carton feeding systems offer a standalone coding system when fitted with a printer and/or labeller.

Off-line carton feeders

We have several off-line feeding systems available for coding and/or labelling cartons. The model that is required depends on several factors, including:

  • The size of the carton
  • The type of carton
  • The technology being used to apply the information onto the carton – labeller, inkjet printer etc.
  • The throughput requirement
  • The range of carton sizes to be coded
Barcode and ingredients list printed on carton using Razr coder
Close up of date and batch code on cbd vape cartons
Printed cosmetic cartons from aqua oleum
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