Cable and wire coding

High-performance solutions for cable and wire coding & marking

Legible, long-lasting codes are crucial for traceability and security on cables and wires. The coding and marking solution employed must be capable of running at high speeds to not slow down production. Printing can be done directly to the wire, on small labels or tags, and even applying code to the cable reel cores. Manufacturers may want to display the voltage, type of wire, sizing, or batch number.

Printing cables with thermal inkjet (TIJ)

High-speed, high-performance wire production lines require a solution that has little downtime and therefore does not affect overall productivity. Thermal Inkjet technology is a sensible choice for those looking for a zero-maintenance system. The reliable printers have no moving parts, so do not require replacement parts or additional servicing. As a result, you minimise downtime and maximise efficiency.

Unlike CIJ technology, all Rotech’s printers can apply alphanumerical text as small as 1mm, 1D or 2D barcodes and logos without the need for a costly specialised printhead. Compact printers are easy to integrate into existing machinery without the extra moving parts usually associated with coding technology.


Thermal inkjet printing on wire
Thermal Inkjet printing onto cables

Finding the right ink

Rotech’s click-in, click-out cartridges are available in a range of ink formulations and colours to ensure strong, durable print adhesion to non-porous substrates. The cartridges can be swapped in seconds to limit downtime and aid quick colour changes if required.

The inks do not contain harsh chemicals such as MEK fluid, a benefit for the automotive and aviation industry who have strict requirements on wiring. If a manufacturer wishes to improve product traceability, Rotech can provide UV ink that will reduce the risk of counterfeit goods. (a major issue in the electrical goods industry.)

Our free sample testing service ensures that the right formulation is picked for your application.

Printing on wire reel cores

It is common for wire reel cores to have labels applied with product information, batch numbers and barcodes. However, this could be an unnecessary step when it is possible to apply code directly to the cardboard or wood using high resolution large area printers. These are well known to be fast-paced, low maintenance and able to withstand harsh industrial environments. Discover Rotech’s range of large area printers.

The Rotech Tick

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