Thermal Inkjet printer print on flow wrapper and film

Flow Wrap & Film

Integrate high quality coding and marking technology onto existing flow wrappers and production line equipment

Flow-wrapping (or horizontal wrapping) is a popular and cost-effective method of packaging products in protective plastic films or foils consisting of clear or printed polypropylene films. Flow wrap is a great choice for packaging many items – from food products to electric components and more.


Our maintenance-free thermal inkjet printers can be easily integrated with flow wrap machinery, applying fixed or variable data, without slowing down or causing disruption to the line.

These printers are used to reliably print date and batch codes, barcodes and even small graphics onto multiple substrates used in flow wrapping, such as aluminium, BOPP, multi-layer laminate and paper. The result is a clear, high-quality print… time and time again.

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Success stories

  • Plastic film print sample with thermal inkjet printer

    If you are familiar with the world-renowned innovation of Bubble Wrap®; you may have heard of SealedAir, who were established from this invention. Consequently, it is no surprise that today they are an industry leading packaging company with a 50-year history of i...

    Sealed Air

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  • Compostable film printed with best before date using thermal inkjet printer

    Leading the frozen treats category with its use of compostable plastic-free film, ice lolly producer LICKALIX is now applying codes, text and graphics using low-cost thermal inkjet technology from Rotech.


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  • Thermal Inkjet (TIJ) X1 Jet printer on flow wrap machine thermoformer

    In the first UK installation of its kind, Rotech has supplied Molls Bacon with a five head, centrally-controlled TIJ (thermal ink jet) coding solution. The capital cost was a third less than the thermal transfer systems that are usually specified for these on-therm...

    Molls Bacon

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