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Plant Tags

Achieve excellent quality codes and marks on plant and flower tags

Plant and flower tags carry valuable information, such as the species of plant, Julian date and how to care for it. The tags need to be able to withstand outdoor conditions and are mostly made from plastic, but are also sometimes made of Tyvek® or wood.



Thermal inkjet 

TIJ is a maintenance-free, cost-effective technology, and can print onto a wide variety of non-porous materials. This is due to the various grades of ink available, each suited to a particular application. This allows us to achieve perfect adhesion between the ink and the substrate, which is a must for flower tags that need to be durable and weatherproof.

Thermal transfer

If the required print format is larger than 100mm, then a thermal transfer printer could be the preferred solution.



RF Lite feeding system

Our RF Lite feeding system is ideal for feeding and coding plant and flower tags. Fitted with a TIJ printer, the compact coder is capable of printing consistently and quickly. The RF Lite is well suited for coding smaller products and can feed up to 400 per minute! With a minimum required product dimension of 10x70mm, it is ideal for handling small plant and flower tags.


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Success stories

  • Plant tag printed with julian date using thermal inkjet printer and RF Lite

    Lancashire based Florna Plants Ltd, is a large-scale producer of garden plants that are grown specifically for the wholesale market. They supply garden centres, supermarkets and high street retail buyers all over the UK.

    Florna Plants

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