What determines the price of thermal transfer ribbon?

The price of thermal transfer ribbons are determined by various factors, including the ribbon type, size, core, volume and colour:

Type: this is determined by your application requirements

  • wax: most common, lowest cost, used on uncoated paper labels and tags
  • wax/resin: more expensive, usually used on coated paper and coated tags
  • resin: highest cost, used on synthetics such as polyester labels and tags for maximum durability

Size: ribbon rolls with more square metres of material (width x length) cost proportionally more than ribbons with fewer square metres of material.

Core: if the ribbon is required to be wound on a plastic core, the price will be more than a plastic core

Volume: price can depend on the volume being bought

Colour: black is always the lowest price because they are most common, and colours are more expensive.

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