How can you estimate throughput of a stack to stack system?

Minimum and maximum speeds are determined by a number of variables:

  1. The first place we start is printing technology e.g. TT we usually base the speed on a maximum of 20m/minute (approx. 350mm/sec) whereas thermal inkjet does not limit the speed.
  2. Product orientation. This, in part, depends on the print technology used. For example, if you use a thermal inkjet with a single printhead height of 12.7mm, you may consider feeding the product a particular way.
  3. The conveyor belt is normally set to run at 30m/minute though it can run at twice this. Example: based on the 30m/minute, feeding cartons wide edge leading, using thermal inkjet the throughput working is as follows:
  1. Maximum carton width 8.5cm
  2. Allow a minimum gap of half a carton width giving approx. 13cm
  3. A 13cm product going down a 30m/min fast belt will feed at the rate of approx. 230/min (30 divided by 0.13). Even using twice the maximum product width gives 176/min or approx. 10,500/hour.
  4. The printer generally determines minimum speed as the conveyor will run down to stop.

As can be seen there are variables to consider when working out throughput. We run customer samples and videos for review. This has the advantage of seeing the samples running or a system before any commitment is made.

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