Large area prints on pharmaceutical cardboard boxes

Seiko X72

Large character, maintenance-free case coder, ideal for high-resolution printing up to 72mm onto boxes

Outer case printers offer a greener, more sustainable solution to applying information onto outer cases, reducing waste and eliminating labels.

This case coder and its performance is completely unaffected by its surrounding environment, no matter how harsh or abruptly changing.

The X72’s ink tank uses utilises gravity and is directly connected to the printhead, removing the need for expensive moving parts like pumps and valves.


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  • Low capital investment
  • No revenue lost through off-line labelling mistakes
  • Zero operator intervention means increased uptime and efficiency
  •  FREEFLOW™ technology, removing the need for expensive, moving parts like pumps and valves.
  • Reduces waste and consumable costs

  • No moving parts, meaning less breakdowns and downtime
  • No ribbon or label stock to replace
  • The printhead draws ink directly from the main tank, extending its lifespan by up to 6 times
  • Completely unaffected by harsh or changing production environments

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Easy to Use

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  • Industrial PC with a printhead. Because of this, any imaginable software, connector or communication protocol is compatible and 100% industry 4.0 ready
  • Optional label design and management software- allowing you to choose the software that is best suited to your application
  • 20cm touchscreen controller available
  • Capable of printing auto date/time codes, graphics, and bar codes, including 2D/QR Codes. (Scannable and readable)
  • Option for password protection to avoid tampering
  • Easy start-up and shut-down

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Full UK Support

  • Installation and training can be provided UK-wide
  • Almost 200 combined years of industry knowledge
  • Our friendly and knowledgeable support team are always on hand to offer you assistance when needed, whether that be with a service visit or a quick call over the phone
  • 12-month warranty

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Technical specifications

Max print height

72 mm

Max production speed

45 m/min

Max print quality

180 dpi

Ink delivery


Ink tank capacity


Printhead dimensions (L x W x H)

480 x 190 x 322mm

Controller dimensions (L x W x H)

153 x 258 x 203mm

 X72 Outer Case printer on a horticulture production line
  • "The X72 Jet Unit proved itself very quickly- zero downtime, was easy to use and accommodated all our print data requirements. Our savings based on direct box printing versus label print and apply are more than £3.5K per year, per unit."

    Westland Horticulture

  • "The cost-savings have been significant for us. A price per print study was recently carried out in Holland where they use the same printers and it worked out at 2.6p per thousand prints."

    Green Partners Ltd

The Rotech Tick

Success stories

  • outer case printer X72

    All budding gardeners will be familiar with Westland Horticulture, who are a leading supplier of branded horticulture products in Europe. From fertilisers to bird care to gardening tools, their comprehensive lines will impress even the most green-fingered of indivi...

    Westland Horticulture

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  • x72 printer, printing on cardboard box on horticulture production line

    There are few businesses that we work with which give us a truly sensory experience, but Green Partners Ltd is definitely one of them. When you enter their facilities in Spalding, Lincolnshire you are greeted with the powerful, intoxicating aroma of flowers - thous...

    Green Partners

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The Rotech Tick


The Rotech Tick

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