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View The Cost of Maintenance – TIJ vs CIJ

The Cost of Maintenance – TIJ vs CIJ

| 2 MINS |Kirsty Burrage

One of the top complaints that we get from manufacturers reaching to us for guidance on their coding and marking operations, is that the maintenance involved in the day-to-day running of their coding system is too costly. They usually all have something in common – that they’re printing on their products or packaging using continuous inkjet (CIJ) technology.

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View Downsizing Label Printing

Downsizing Label Printing

| 5 mins |Kirsty Burrage

Thermal inkjet printers have become so advanced in recent years that businesses can replace large coding and marking systems with these hand-sized printers and still achieve more for less.

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View Ten TIJ Myths Debunked

Ten TIJ Myths Debunked

| 7 mins

In the last decade, designers of TIJ (thermal inkjet) printers have been working tirelessly to address the technology’s limiting factors, and latest generation TIJ machines will outperform CIJ in terms of cost of ownership and print quality in most coding applications. But despite a discernible shift to TIJ on FMCG lines, outdated perceptions are still deterring many operations from moving to cartridge-based technology.

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View Rewind, Play, Fast Foward: Coding Past, Present and Future

Rewind, Play, Fast Foward: Coding Past, Present and Future

This year, Rotech Machines, the coding integration and feeding systems specialist, celebrates its 20th anniversary. To mark this milestone, company director Richard Pether looks back through the decades on coding technologies and what is instore for the future.

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