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Rotech Care+ Maintenance Plans

Comprehensive cover for your Rotech solutions

Maximise your uptime with a preventative maintenance plan

As with all machinery and equipment, after extended periods of use, general wear-and-tear of parts is to be expected. At Rotech, we are committed to providing solutions that are an integral part of your production process and continue to be efficient for many years installation.

With our Rotech Care+ plans we deliver proactive aftercare support, which includes preventative service visits, to give you peace of mind by keeping your equipment always running reliably.

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Reduce costs

Reduce unplanned repair costs.

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Save time

Maximise your equipment's uptime.

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Maximise efficiency

Continue to be efficient years after installation.

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Comprehensive support

Extend equipment lifespan.

Tiered plans to suit your particular needs

Our tiered plans have been carefully created to ensure that your business can benefit from the additional support from Rotech, no matter your size or industry.

Essential preventative cover allows your team to focus on production

Premium cover to keep your production running optimally.

For non-stop coverage, let us take care of everything and enjoy ultimate peace of mind.

What to consider when choosing a maintenance plan

To ensure that you select the best plan for the needs of your business, you must take into consideration the below factors:

        • Throughput

          A higher throughput will naturally cause more wear and tear of your equipment. Multiple site visits a year will ensure your system can continue to run at full capacity.

        • Operating hours

          If operation is 24 hours per day or runs through bank holidays and the Christmas closure period, you may benefit from our extended telephone and email response hours.

        • Impact of downtime

          If downtime is costly to your business, quick initial response times and emergency responses will be covered in your maintenance plan.

        • Changeover of operators

          A higher changeover of staff could mean that operators are using the equipment without being trained properly. Annual operator training will prevent downtime caused by user error.

        • Industry/ print specifications

          For certain industries where there are strict specifications on print quality and traceability, non-stop coverage can help you maintain high standards of operation.

        • Production environment

          Harsh production environments can be attributed to the wear and tear of your coding equipment.

        • On-site engineering team

          Do you have an engineering team, who have the time, training, and knowledge on the equipment to carry out routine maintenance?

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  • Rotech’s exceptional customer service and after-sales support have made us feel valued and confident in our investment – we couldn’t be happier with the results.


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