Large Area Seiko Printers for Product Personalisation

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Rotech team

Marking your products with a custom message, graphic or brand logo is something that’s sure to make your product stand out amongst the crowd, as well as enhance your brand perception and boost company image. It can also be an effective way to communicate special offers or run seasonal promotions.


Rotech PP108 printing on cardboard box- barcode,logo,Gs1 code and graphic

Large Area Printers For Product Personalisation

Product personalisation can be achieved easily with the right equipment and know-how. Our large area Seiko printers are capable of printing high quality codes, text, logos and graphics in one or two colours*, using only one printhead – offering the ideal solution for product personalisation, particularly on outer cases and timber.

Key benefits of large area printers for product personalisation:

  • Removes the need for a label – print logos and text directly on to the product/packaging
  • High-quality print resolution up to 360dpi
  • Up to 108mm print height
  • Only print what you need, when you need it – eliminate waste and remove the need for holding large amounts of stock

*Dependent on printer model

If you would like to know more about our range of large area printers and their capabilities, contact us today.