Integra PP Razr 34 – Best of Both Worlds?

24th July 2023 | 2 mins

Advocates of thermal inkjet

For many years we have been supplying coding solutions based on the Thermal Inkjet (TIJ) principle, primarily using a cartridge developed by Hewlett Packard (HP). It’s proved its worth for numerous applications both online and offline, and the ability to print onto non-porous surfaces has been one of the major advances of the technology. The ability to “stitch” heads together has allowed the fundamental cartridge print height of 12.7mm (1/2”) to be increased but accurate alignment can present a challenge especially when printing a large barcode.

The 'piezo principle'

More recently we have added large area printers to our range based on the piezo principle – using very fine “precision” piezo printheads to offer the same resolution of print as a TIJ printer but with a much larger print height.

With most of the application for these printers being to print onto porous surfaces such as outers cases, the lack of a capability for non-porous surfaces has seldom been an issue, but it is a limitation.

The best of both worlds

The launch of the Integra PP Razr 34 printer is something of a revelation in that it runs with the same inks used in a TIJ printer, but offers a seamless, 34mm print height.

At a stroke, the challenge of making a large print onto a non-porous surface has been addressed. Furthermore, with a 250ml ink reservoir, printing does not need to stop for ink filling – the ink cassette is simply changed while running.

As  with all Rotech printers, print resolution is high at up to 600 dpi. Running at a more realistic figure of 300 dpi, an impressive print speed of up to 150m/min can be achieved.

Barcode and ingredients list printed on carton using Razr coder
Plastic pouch with symbols printed by the Razr
The Rotech Tick

Want to know more?

To find out more about the Razr, or any of the printers in our range, contact one of our experts today. We can offer on-site demonstrations on your own products or simply just friendly guidance and advice, completely free of charge.

 Rotech company van parked by scenic fields
The Rotech Tick

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