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Thermal Inkjet Printing

Clean, maintenance-free thermal inkjet printing - ideal for most packaging types

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Thermal inkjet for product coding

Thermal Inkjet (TIJ) technology delivers high-resolution, high-speed coding directly to your production line.

The compact units are maintenance & mess-free and are ideal for printing variable information such as date codes, batch codes and 1D/2D barcodes onto a variety of porous and non-porous surfaces, reliably and consistently.

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Seamless integration into your production line

The Rotech Tick

Our thermal inkjet printers can be easily integrated into production lines to work alongside the following packaging equipment:

    • Labellers
    • Vertical form fill seal machines
    • Thermoformers
    • Horizontal form fill seal machines
    • Flow-wrappers
    • Cartoners
    • Pouch sealing machines

Thermal inkjet has evolved to become one of the most sought-after printing technologies in the coding and marking arena. From the entry level, cost-effective X1 Jet to the Integra One “all rounder”, our thermal inkjet printers are unmatchable as a maintenance-free, cost-effective solution.

The Rotech Tick

Features and benefits

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High Resolution

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High Speed

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  • Consistently produces clear, high resolution codes – Excellent print quality, (600dpi) allowing text
    down to 1.5mm – OCR camera friendly
  • Capable of printing auto date/time codes, graphics, and barcodes, including 2D/QR Codes
  • Range of ink colours including black, white, red, yellow and UV.
  • High-speed capability of up to 240m/min
  • No moving parts that will break down or require maintenance
  • No start-up time or shut-down routine

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Operator Friendly

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  • Direct data input available on the printers
  • Intuitive, free, format design software package with every printer purchase
  • Cartridges simply clip in and out
  • Various interface options, including built-in HMI, remote HMI, central control via PC/laptop, wireless or hard-wired networking
  • Low waste technology – less labour required for administration and disposal of goods (no ribbon cores/printheads/expended ribbon)
  • No volatile ink/make up components that will cause harm to humans or contaminate products

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  • Low capital cost of equipment and overall lifetime value
  • No additional consumable costs apart from affordable ink cartridge
  • Maintenance-free coding system with increased uptime in comparison to TTO and CIJ technologies
  • Reduces labour requirement for coding, allowing the workforce to be more productive

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  • Wireless networking from standard software package
  • Ability to print in different colours via a quick cartridge change
  • Compact design and easy to install

The Rotech Tick

Success stories

  • RF Lite feeding pump street sachets and printing BBD with thermal inkjet printer

    It’s easy to assume that labour-intensive artisanal food operations do not benefit from automated solutions in the same way that a technology-heavy manufacturer do. But in fact, as Pump Street Chocolate demonstrates, automating the date coding process by installi...

    Pump Street Chocolate

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  • Pakora producer food sleeve printed with best before date using thermal inkjet printer

    Rotech’s RF Lite has become an “invaluable part of the process” at P.K.Foods Glasgow Ltd, having transformed the efficiency of the pakora producer’s coding operation. The user-friendly TIJ (thermal inkjet) coder has won over staff on the factory floor and e...

    PK Foods

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  • English cheesecake company cartons

    A RF2 feeding system fitted with thermal inkjet printer from Rotech has allowed The English Cheesecake Company to date code a pallet’s worth of cheesecakes in less than 2 minutes.

    The English Cheesecake Company

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  • Plastic film print sample with thermal inkjet printer

    If you are familiar with the world-renowned innovation of Bubble Wrap®; you may have heard of SealedAir, who were established from this invention. Consequently, it is no surprise that today they are an industry leading packaging company with a 50-year history of i...

    Sealed Air

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