A sleek new look for our feeding systems

28th March 2024

The Rotech Tick

Quality, British-made systems

Our feeders are meticulously designed and built by our skilled workforce, here in our factory in Welwyn Garden City, Hertfordshire.

The systems are crafted using parts sourced from likeminded UK suppliers, as well as many components that we make ourselves, using our fleet of 3D printers.

This in-house care and craftmanship is one of the things that sets us apart from the competition. Our systems are of an excellent quality, and they withstand the test of time, as proven by many of our customers who are still using them to code their packaging many years later.

The redesign project

With the above in mind, we felt there was a pressing need to update the aesthetics of the machines, to better reflect their quality, so we started the redesign project.

The aim of the redesign:

  • Bring Rotech to the forefront of the machines design
  • Enhance the value perception of the system to match its quality
  • Incorporate the new Rotech ‘slate grey’
  • Highlight our Made in Britain status

Before & After

Before - RF Lite

RF Lite carton and sleeve batch coding machine

After - RF Lite

RF Auto installed with Integra one thermal inkjet printer

Before - RF Auto

After - RF Auto

What's changed?

The most noticable change on both systems are on the hoppers, where an etched Rotech logo has replaced the old machine model name stickers. We felt this change was important, as it is now much clearer that the machine is a Rotech system, with the machine name less prevelant.

Our new slate grey colour has been incorporated onto the body of both machines, creating a striking contrast against the stainless steel and providing an ideal background for both the machine name and Made in Britain stamp of approval.

We still wanted to keep a good balance of orange on the system as it’s synonymous to our brand so kept much of the 3D printed parts the same.

Our Digital Marketer, Hope Jones, who was at the forefront of the project, had the following to say about the redesign, “After so much going on behind the scenes to improve useability and serviceability of the feeders, it was a natural step to ensure the branding of the systems was up to par. Understandably, that usually comes as an afterthought to a team of engineers. If the machine runs smoothly and it saves people time and money, who cares if it doesn’t look the most stylish?

But first impressions count, and we wanted to make a change to truly reflect the quality of the machines.

The new branding is both sleek, smart, and stylish, with pops of bright orange that Rotech are well known for. You may have heard of the saying “sisters not twins.”  and I feel like that has been reflected in the design across the machines.

What I’m most proud of is that the stickers not only look great, but they are more durable, much easier to apply and they showcase our Made In Britain badge!”

 Rotech company van parked by scenic fields
The Rotech Tick

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