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RF Lite®

Entry-level range of coding systems used to batch and date code cartons, sleeves and pouches.

Using clean, maintenance-free thermal inkjet (TIJ) technology, the RF Lite provides an ideal solution for the fast and reliable coding of flat-form sleeves, cartons and pouches. This simple system is ideal for companies looking for a low-cost way to automate their date coding process.

It also suits larger operators who are looking to install dedicated marking systems on multiple production lines.

There are three models within the RF Lite range, each designed specifically to handle certain packaging types. The difference is within the feeding method used.



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The Rotech Tick


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Cost Effective

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  • Small footprint – fits onto a desk or bench, but can be supplied on a wheeled stand
  • Entry-level system with a low investment cost and very short pay-back time
  • Just one machine can suit varying packaging types and sizes with adjustable in-feed hoppers
  • Reduces labour requirements for coding, allowing the workforce to be more productive

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  • Industry-leading speed – can code a day’s worth of sleeves in under an hour
  • Integrated thermal inkjet (TIJ) printer ensures a crisp, clear print without mess or odour
  • Auto code facility for automated date code generation
  • Includes a catcher tray for neat stacking of the product once it has been coded
  • Minimise downtime by swapping between product sizes in seconds

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Full UK Support

  • Designed and built in the UK
  • Installation and training can be provided UK-wide
  • Almost 200 combined years of industry knowledge
  • Our friendly and knowledgeable support team are always on hand to offer you assistance when needed, whether that be with a service visit or a quick call over the phone
  • Preventative maintenance and service contracts available
  • 12-month warranty with all Feeding Systems

The Rotech Tick

Technical specifications

Rec. production capacity

Up to 14,000 products daily

Maximum product throughput

Friction: 400/min Shuttle: 150/min Pouch: 60/min

Product size minimum (W x L)

Friction: 60 x 50 mm Shuttle: 80 x 30 mm Pouch: 100 x 80 mm

Product size maximum (W x L)

Friction: 300 x 200 mm Shuttle: 350 x 150 mm Pouch: 230 x 160mm

Dimensions (L x W x H)

Friction: 800 x 495 x 641mm Shuttle: 800 x 495 x 641mm Pouch: 868 x 515 x 571mm

Net weight

Friction: 22kg (48lb) Shuttle: 22kg (48lb) Pouch: 25kg (55lb)

The Rotech Tick

There are 3 models in the RF Lite Range

The 3 models use different feeding technologies, to ensure the optimum feeding and printing of the packaging.
The Rotech Tick

Success stories

  • Thermal Inkjet printing poppy seeds packets

    Kings Seeds, a leading supplier of horticultural essentials to both the home gardener and commercial grower, has a rich history that goes back to 1888. They played an integral role in Rotech’s journey when they purchased the first ever off-line feeding system 19 ...

    Kings Seeds Ltd | E W King

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  • Best before dated printed onto pet food sleeve using thermal inkjet printer

    A manufacturer of nutrition-rich, hand-cooked meals for dogs has automated its date coding process with the help of a cost-effective sleeve coding system from Rotech, allowing them to keep up with demand while ensuring their date codes remain legible, even in chang...

    Producer of nutritional, hand-made dog food

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  • RF Lite feeding pump street sachets and printing BBD with thermal inkjet printer

    It’s easy to assume that labour-intensive artisanal food operations do not benefit from automated solutions in the same way that a technology-heavy manufacturer do. But in fact, as Pump Street Chocolate demonstrates, automating the date coding process by installi...

    Pump Street Chocolate

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  • Pakora producer food sleeve printed with best before date using thermal inkjet printer

    Rotech’s RF Lite has become an “invaluable part of the process” at P.K.Foods Glasgow Ltd, having transformed the efficiency of the pakora producer’s coding operation. The user-friendly TIJ (thermal inkjet) coder has won over staff on the factory floor and e...

    PK Foods

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Pet food sleeve printed with batch number using best before date
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The Rotech Tick


The Rotech Tick

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