Seamless high-resolution printing up to 34mm made possible with the Integra PP Razr 34

Where there is a need to print larger text, graphics or barcodes onto primary or secondary packaging without compromising on quality, thermal transfer (TTO) has usually been the go-to technology – it’s clean, crisp and offers great adhesion to most porous and non-porous surfaces, providing the correct ribbon has been selected.

However, the new Integra PP Razr 34  from Rotech can guarantee excellent resolution printing up to 34mm high, creating a seamless, consistent print on the majority of packaging types.

Rotech Razr PP 34 - Pharma samples - v2
Promotional cards printed with the Integra Razr

A need to reduce waste

In today’s day and age, manufacturers are increasingly feeling the pressure to review their processes and look for ways that they can be made greener, and less wasteful. Coding and marking is no exception.

While TTO is a well-established, reliable coding technology that will remain unchallenged for some applications i.e. printing entire ingredients declarations, cartridge-based alternatives, such as thermal inkjet (TIJ) and Piezo are very capable of matching the quality of print produced by thermal transfer, but with much less waste produced. There are no ribbons to contend with, just the ink needed to produce the desired format. These drop on demand printers are also a lot more compact, making them more energy-efficient and easier to integrate onto existing lines.

Such a system is the new Integra PP Razr 34. The impressive Piezo system is capable of printing excellent quality prints – up to 900dpi – at high speeds (up to 150m/min at 300dpi). Printing up to 34mm high, the Razr eliminates the unwanted stitching of text and graphics from multiple printheads. The ink used offers excellent adhesion and resistance, making it ideal for printing onto shiny, non-porous surfaces, such as plastic or film.

Other advantages of the system include its increased uptime in comparison to TTO and continuous inkjet (CIJ) – it starts up and shuts down instantaneously and the bleeding of the ink system and changing of the cartridge can be done without stopping production.

Ideal for replacing labels

The Integra PP Razr 34 is also proving a popular solution for direct printing onto packaging where labels would have previously been used. The razor-sharp print ensures that the codes remain readable by scanners – a crucial factor for those operation in logistics, where the shipping boxes need to be fully traced throughout their lifecycle.

To further ensure reliability, the Razr has two separate nozzle channels that can be controlled individually. This means that if one fails, the other ensures that the print quality remains consistent.

Want to know more?

If you would like to know more about the Integra PP Razr 34 or would like to understand the benefits you could see from switching technology, contact us.

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