Rotech Introduce Enhanced RF Auto: Improving User Experience and Serviceability

Our popular feeding system, the RF Auto, has received an exciting upgrade. The enhanced version now offers improved serviceability and usability, along with a sleek new design.

Master of innovation

At Rotech, innovation stands as one of our core values. We consistently seek ways we can improve our products and services. And we don’t work blindly, we will actively seek feedback from our customers, the very people who truly test the capabilities of our machines, to see how we can make them better. Better for the environments that they operate in and better for the individuals using them.

The drivers for change

Our RF Auto was no exception. Although the system proved to be a reliable workhorse, often running tens of thousands of products in a day, any necessary servicing or maintenance often resulted in considerable downtime, posing challenges for customers reliant on continuous operation.

We acknowledged that usability was something that could also be improved based on the feedback we recieved. To address this, we swapped out the programmable relay for a more intutive built-in HMI, making adjusting settings and parameters even easier than before, ideal for when the operator needs to run multiple product types.

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What's new?

With the above drivers in mind, the development team put their heads together and began designing and implementing changes that would address the serviceability and usability of the RF Auto. In this video, General Manager Richard Pether, explains the what and why behind these changes.

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PLC with a built in HMI

The intuitive HMI has made it simpler to adjust machine settings. With clear symbols and menus, the system becomes notably more user-friendly. Furthermore, it can store a lot more information that can aid with troubleshooting, including definitions, QR codes, contact details and machine status notifications.

The new PLC can also collect data on the machine’s performance, including the numbers of products that it has run through. This allows us to better assess the lifespan of the machine, and pinpoint when it might benefit from a service to enhance it’s performance.

Drop down panel

The drop down panel makes it easier to access essential machine components, enabling faster and more efficient servicing.

Single drive unit

This also boosts serviceability, allowing the unit to easily slide out for either complete replacement or reworking. Downtime will be low, as it is easier to implement a service exchange or change the belts.

Easier integration of feeder accessories and coding equipment

More add-ons that will increase the scope of the machine.

Want to know more?

Could an RF Auto help you to code or mark your flat-form packaging? If you think you would benefit from seeing it in action or would like to know more, please contact us.

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