Feeling snowed under?

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Experiencing an unexpected avalanche of orders?

As a manufacturer, it’s not a terrible place to be in. You’d rather be busy of course, but what if it’s becoming increasingly difficult to keep up?

Spikes in demand can throw even the most well-oiled production process into a frenzy, and the workforce will generally have to pick up the slack, working longer hours or trying to work quicker – which can often lead to more errors.

Standalone coding systems

When it comes to coding – applying date and batch codes onto a product or its packaging – dedicated coding systems can help to take the weight off during particularly busy periods.

These systems are designed to take flat-form packaging from a stack and feed it past a printer or labeller (or both!) so that the codes can be quickly and reliably applied, before the pack is returned to another stack at the other end, ready to be removed by the operator.

They are an ideal helping hand for when your production line has reached capacity, and the fact they can be easily manoeuvred and adjusted for different packaging types means that they can help serve several lines.

If you’re hand labelling, even better. Our systems can often code what would take a day by hand, in under an hour. This would allow you to deploy your workforce on more useful, less monotonous tasks.

Artisan Chocolatiers, Pump Street Chocolate had the following to say after investing in our RF Lite…

 RF1 Feeding system with a close up of friction infeed
  • “We were literally writing the sell by date on to the sachet by hand. Every month we make batches of around 4,000 bars, and it was taking up hours of our time. Now, in 20 minutes or so, the Rotech machine prints what it would have taken us three days to write by hand.”

Looking for a ‘now’ solution?

We understand that your needs may change in the future, which is why we offer both short and long term rental options for all of our solutions, including our coding systems.

This allows you to gain access to a solution quickly, without the commitment of buying outright. And if you do decide to buy, we’ll refund you 75% of rental costs on up to 75% of the buy price.

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