Rotech slider rig manual coding system printing on carton

Slider Rigs – Manual Coding Systems

Simple-to-use slider rigs for small-scale coding tasks

Our versatile slider rig presents an ideal, cost-effective solution for coding a wide variety of packaging types, when there is only a need to print a small quantity.

Products are presented by hand to the printer, using a slider table that provides a guide to load to and automatically triggers the printer.

The system’s small footprint means that it is ideal for using while sat at a bench or desk.

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The Rotech Tick


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Fully Adjustable

Using the simple lead-screw height adjustment, any height or thickness of product can be accommodated. It takes seconds to switch between different packaging sizes.

The flexibility of the system means that it can print onto most pack formats, including pouches, jars and tubs.

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High Resolution

Excellent Print Quality Using Thermal Inkjet

Clean, clear and consistent prints are produced using thermal inkjet.

The maintenence-free printers are easy-to-use and are ideal for printing all variable information, such as date codes, batch numbers and barcodes onto virtually any substrate, with a print quality of up to 900 dpi.

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Full UK Support

Full UK Support

  • Installation and training can be provided, UK-wide
  • Almost 200 combined years of industry knowledge
  • Our friendly and knowledgeable support team are always on hand to offer you assistance when needed, whether that be with a service visit or a quick call over the phone
  • Preventative maintenance and service contracts available
  • 12-month warranty with all Feeding Systems

 RF Auto with TIJ Printer and Rotech tick on 3D printed component.
  • We've been delighted with the print quality and performance of the Rotech system. It has allowed us to print bags on demand as we receive customer orders and also to limit our stock holding to just a few sizes of unprinted blanks.

    GFI Europe

  • The company was very clear about its abilities. The quality looked very good. Its machines are British made and the after sales support and advice is only a phone call away.

    Heaven Made Foods

The Rotech Tick


The Rotech Tick

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The Rotech Tick

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