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Ink cartridges

Selecting the correct ink cartridges for your industrial thermal inkjet printer ensures high print quality and reliable results

Our range of ink cartridges are produced by one of the world’s leading inkjet companies to exacting standards. Two formulation types are available – water and solvent based.

Benefits of water-based inks:

  • Excellent levels of print darkness – the favoured option for the printing of datamatrix barcodes and fine text on porous surfaces
  • Fast drying and extended de-cap time (the time between prints without loss of print quality)

Benefits of solvent-based inks:

  • Great adhesion on non-porous surfaces such as plastics, metals, glass or coated papers
  • Excellent drying time

All cartridges:

  • Monitor the type of ink contained, communicating with the TIJ printer to maximise print quality and minimise manual parameter changes required
  • Accurately warns of low ink levels
  • Can make a stop signal once the cartridge is empty to holt production
  • Use a design that allows for quick change over of cartridges to replenish ink levels and maximise uptime
  • Come in multiple colours
  • Include an integrated printhead allowing for a zero-maintenance system
  • Print in up to 900 dpi

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Thermal InkJet SDBLK3 Ink Cartridge, Box, Outer box
Thermal InkJet SDBLK4+ Ink Cartridge
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  • "The support and customer service are excellent. We experienced some issues with printing onto a new style shiny label - samples were sent to Steve and Rotech ran them through their test bend and recommended a different ink cartridge. This was turned around in 2 days."

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