Traversing printer system, ideal for printing onto stationary packaging material

The Rotech Traverser is ideal for printing onto a stationary packaging material, typically the top web of a multi-lane, vacuum-forming machine, but with uses in a wide variety of applications.

The system is ideal for use with Thermal Inkjet (TIJ) systems, although other printer types can be accommodated.

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The Rotech Tick


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  • Servo driven traversing unit to permit printing on multiple lanes across a packaging material
  • Light-weight, self-contained, printer, with only electrical connection to traverse  
  • Programmable for any number of lanes 
  • Bi-directional print capability for increased speed 
  • Can be fabricated to suit any width of parent machine 

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High Resolution

  • Produces up to 5 prints per sweep
  • Capable of printing auto date/time codes, graphics, and bar codes, including 2D/QR Codes
  • Range of ink colours including black, white, red, yellow and UV
  • High resolution print using clean, cartridge based, system

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Easy to use

  • Controlled from a touch-screen HMI, all operator settings are readily accessible and easy to change
  • Password protection of the more fundamental parameters
  • Free format design software that can also remotely control the printer
  • Patented Click’n Print cartridge holder for fast, straightforward cartridge replacement
  • Thermal Inkjet printers provide maintenance free coding solution

The Rotech Tick

Technical specifications

Max print height

12.7 mm

Max rail length


Max print quality

900 dpi

The Rotech Tick


The Rotech Tick

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The Rotech Tick

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