Outer cases on conveyor printed with barcode and variable info using large area X72 printer

Large Character Marking

Print large areas of text or graphics direct to your primary or secondary packaging using large character marking (LCM) printers

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Large character marking (LCM) printers

Large character marking printers allow large amounts of information, scannable barcodes and/or graphics to be printed directly onto the packaging, without the need for a thermal transfer (TTO) printer or a labeller.

Within our range we have case coders, ideal for the direct printing of outer cases and boxes, as well as a new system that can produce large, sharp prints onto non-porous packaging types, such as bags and pouchesThe Integra PP Razr 34.

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Large format printing for most packaging types

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Large character marking for primary packaging

Large character printers can be utilised for printing onto primary packaging, either on or away from the production line. Typical applications include printing entire ingredient lists or large barcodes.

The Integra PP Razr 34 can produce seamless, high-resolution prints onto both porous and non-porous materials at high speeds, eliminating the need to stitch multiple printheads together.

Large character marking for secondary packaging

Printing directly to the box removes the need for label applicators; increasing efficiency, reducing waste and aiding recyclability of the boxes.

Our large character printers can be easily integrated into production lines and produce clear and concise prints that can be easily read by scanners, allowing for full traceability throughout the suppy chain.


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  • Low capital investment
  • No revenue lost through product recalls and off-line labelling mistakes
  • Zero operator intervention means increased uptime and efficiency
  • Reduces waste and consumable costs
  • Removes the need for print-and-apply labelling systems and/or TTO printers


Reduce waste

  • Limited consumables that require extra labour to change or maintain.
  • Low waste – less labour required for administration and disposal of goods (no ribbon cores/printheads/expended ribbon)
  • Removes unnecessary steps from your production process. Print quality is sufficient to remove labels and the application systems

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  • Compact units that have a small footprint on your production line
  • Easy start-up and shut down
  • Versatility in the print direction and placement of the printheads
  • Option for password protection to avoid tampering

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  • Resolution up to 360 dpi
  • High-quality printing, from large logos and graphics to fine text
  • The large print area allows for detailed information such as ingredients lists to be applied directly to the packaging
  • Produces scannable and readable 1D & 2D barcodes

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