Outer cases on conveyor printed with barcode and variable info using large area X72 printer

Large Area Printing

Remove the need for a label and print direct to your primary or secondary packaging using large area printing technology

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In a nutshell

For reliable, large area printing onto both primary and secondary packaging, the Rotech range of Seiko printers offer the ideal solution. These innovative systems allow for information previously carried on a label to be printed directly onto any porous surface. Be that cardboard, paper or even wood and ceramic.

As a result, you save on consumables, printing, and the need for an application system. With the ability to print a barcode to the required standard, the savings of direct box printing are substantial.

Use the comparison table below to compare which of our large area printers suit your specific applications, requirements and production line.


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What’s the difference?

The Rotech range of large area printers employs the latest Seiko printhead technology to offer high resolution, large area printing with a unique selection of two ink delivery systems to meet any installation need. These technologies offer their own unique benefits:

FREEFLOW™ system which uses a gravity feed (X72 printer)

As this system is open, the internal pressure will always be equal to the external environment. This means it is completely unaffected by its surrounding conditions, no matter how harsh they are.

A second advantage of our FREEFLOW™ ink system is that it doesn’t require pumps or valves. The ink tank is directly connected to the printhead, allowing the head itself to pull the exact amount of ink needed, directly from the tank.

POZIFLOW™ system which uses a pumped reservoir with ink recirculation (PP108 printers)

This principle prevents the accumulation of air in the nozzles and ensures a permanent, clean print image without line-outs due to dropping nozzles.

Pump control and automatic adjustment of internal circulation pressure allows installation of the ink tank above, below, or same level as the printhead. The air in the ink supply and printhead is automatically removed from the print system.


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Cost Effective

  • Low capital investment
  • No revenue lost through product recalls and off-line labelling mistakes
  • Zero operator intervention means increased uptime and efficiency
  • Reduces waste and consumable costs
  • Removes the need for print-and-apply labelling systems


Reduce waste

  • Limited consumables that require extra labour to change or maintain.
  • Low waste – less labour required for administration and disposal of goods (no ribbon cores/printheads/expended ribbon)
  • Removes unnecessary steps from your production process. Print quality is sufficient to remove labels and the application systems

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  • Compact units that have a small footprint on your production line
  • Easy start-up and shut down
  • Both ink delivery systems are maintenance-free under normal environmental conditions
  • Versatility in the print direction and placement of the printheads
  • Option for password protection to avoid tampering

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  • Resolution up to 360 dpi
  • High-quality printing, from large logos and graphics to fine text
  • The large print area allows for detailed information such as ingredients lists to be applied directly to the packaging
  • Produces scannable and readable 1D & 2D barcodes

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