What benefits does the RF Compliance offer?

The benefits of the RF Compliance can be broken down into three main categories

1. Product handling

The Compliance system offers an off-line facility for printing or labelling on pharmaceutical cartons. This offers many benefits:

  • Cartons are presented in their flat form to the coding/marking system which can then make a perfect print without concerns about the pack bulging, skewing or travelling away from the printhead
  • Pre-printing of cartons allows for multiple lines, or even several hand-packing stations to be supplied
  • No need to “break” a line to add a coding and inspection station
  • A shingling collation conveyor allows for easy pick-up of a batch of coded product


2. Product inspection

Various inspection functions can be carried out to ensure both that the correct product is being used and also to confirm that the correct information has been added to the pack.


3. Product serialisation

Legislation requiring packs to bear a unique serialisation code is growing and the Compliance can either produce these codes internally, or receive them from an external source. With all serialised packs bearing a 2D datamatrix code, the need for perfect pack presentation is even more important.

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