How do the thermal inkjet systems compare in terms of cost to run/cost per print?

There are a number of factors which should be considered when calculating a comparison on running costs. Generally our TIJ systems will provide a lower cost per print even when calculating just using the physical consumable cost. For example, when comparing against TTO, the ribbon and printhead replacement should both be factored into the calculation along with downtime created through servicing, broken components, snapped ribbon, removal /disposal of waste cores and print substrate and overall set-up time when changing print position or formats. Likewise, when comparing CIJ technology, the cost calculation should include many of the points already mentioned for TTO, in addition costs relating to regular maintenance / servicing costs, parts replacement such as pumps, filters and nozzles, production downtime due to start-up and shut-down procedures and of course cleaning and resetting of the system following inadvertent switching off prior to the shut-down procedure being completed – which can also lead to ink being dispensed onto equipment and factory floors! We also offer a bulk-ink system which can further reduce the costs per print.

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