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Industrial inkjet printing:
continuous or thermal inkjet coding?

When printing late-stage information on your packaging, choosing the correct technology will have a direct impact on overall production effectiveness

Thermal Inkjet:
The ideal alternative to continuous inkjet printing

Ineffective inkjet coders can make or break overall operations effectiveness (OOE) for manufacturers; increasing downtime, stretching budgets, or even worse, risking consumer safety.

After experiencing ongoing issues with continuous inkjet (CIJ) printers, businesses are making the leap to newer, cleaner thermal inkjet (TIJ) coders. Here’s why…

What's the difference?

Thermal Inkjet


Lower installation costs. Are less to operate and do not require service contracts. Work out cheaper than CIJ over their lifetime.


Zero-maintenance, cartridge-based technology. No moving parts, no breakdowns, and no regular servicing.

Easy integration

Compact systems can be installed on to existing packaging equipment. Non-contact, drop-on-demand, and no mess whatsoever.

High-resolution and speed

High-quality, high-speed printing of graphics, logos, barcodes and variable data (up to 600 dpi.)

Continuous Inkjet


Initial investment cost is low, but what you save here you sacrifice in ongoing maintenance, consumables, & service contracts.


Far more complex than TIJ. They require a lot of TLC to ensure and maintain good performance.


The units can print in any direction. Bulky compared TIJ and the continuous flow of ink means they can be messy.

Resolution and speed

Impressive speeds and large throw distances, but you are limited in what you can print and the resolution.


The Rotech Tick

Perfect partner for your production line ...

Thermal inkjet printers can be integrated to work seamlessly alongside existing packaging equipment...

See it for yourself!

Thermal Inkjet printing poppy seeds packets
 Thermal Inkjet X1 Jet printer on horticulture, spray bottle production line
  • TIJ is so easy to deal with. With our CIJ system we have to fill it up with fluids and clean the nozzles, whereas with the TIJ printer, all we have to do is wipe it clean – we don’t even have to do any maintenance on it.

    Cell Life UK

  • I’m very impressed that the only upkeep I have to do on these printers is clean the heads twice a day. The unit is very efficient in regards to ink consumption – there is still 40% left and we haven’t replaced the cartridges since they were installed in March.

    Molls Bacon

  • We’d never considered thermal inkjet before but you could say that we are converts. The coder supplied by Rotech has been a revelation – it’s an easy-to use, economical system with an impressive cost-versatility ratio.

    Paragon PE Ltd

  • I find these coders excellent and brilliantly reliable and only have good things to say about them.

    Lenham Storage

Not your everyday thermal inkjet printing

Supplying thermal inkjet isn’t just a tick box exercise for Rotech. It’s not an addition to the range, it is the range.

When you invest in a TIJ system from us, you gain a wealth of knowledge and expertise on everything from installation and training, to support and aftercare.

With over 190 years combined coding and marking experience, you can trust that your printer will be well supported and managed from a team of industry experts.

You’ll get a real person when you call Rotech. Real people helping real people in real time.

Chris Baker, Founder

Transform your coding process in three simple steps:

1. The proof is in the print

Our industry experts will demonstrate our TIJ on your product samples, highlighting print quality and durability

2. Integrate your solution

We know every production line is different, our engineers will work with you to deliver a seamless installation

3. Aftercare fuelled by excellence

Our UK-based team are always on hand to offer technical support, training and guidance when you most need it

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