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Batch code printing

Print batch codes with confidence using our high-quality, operator-friendly coding solutions.

You cannot neglect
your batch coding

Batch numbers give you full visibility over your supply chain, meaning you can maintain peak consumer safety and carry out efficient product recalls if necessary.

By neglecting your batch coding processes you will dramatically increase downtime, stretch budgets, and put your brand’s reputation on the line. Therefore, it’s particularly important that you choose a high quality, reliable solution that is supported by a reputable coding and marking supplier.


Top-notch batch coding from Rotech:

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Innovative solutions

Address specific pain-points on your production line

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Prompt responses

Quick delivery of products and services

A partnership you can trust

Consistent, reliable support

From first enquiry, to installation and beyond

Aftercare fuelled by excellence

A team of experts

190+ years combined coding and marking experience

On or away from the line?

We offer two solutions to help you step up your batch coding – printers that can be seamlessly integrated onto your production line to apply batch codes directly to your product – offering complete automation and standalone batch coding systems – ideal for those moving away from coding by hand, or to code those tricky to handle packaging types, such as sleeves and pouches.

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Batch code printers

Maintenance-free thermal inkjet technology

Ideal for applying high-resolution batch numbers and date codes directly onto porous and non-porous packages.

The compact printers can be seamlessly integrated onto existing packaging equipment with little to no disruption to your production line.

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All-in-one batch coding equipment

British-made feeding and handling systems

These machines are used away from the production line, printing directly onto flat-form packaging.

There are several variants for different applications. All of which offer a complete batch coding solution.

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 Thermal Inkjet X1 Jet printer on horticulture, spray bottle production line
  • It was the most economical solution and did exactly what we wanted it to do – which was print product and batch codes clearly and reliably. Thanks to Rotech, print quality has improved greatly, the codes are always legible, and we have confidence that each individual sleeve is being reliably coded.


  • We have found our Rotech batch coding machine to be thoroughly reliable and extremely cost effective. We have only had one occasion during the past five years to need to some technical support. I would have no hesitation in recommending Rotech as a competent and professional company.

    Aqua Oleum

  • Code quality is extremely consistent, and set-up is very easy now; our operators simply enter the batch details and select the expiry dates via the touchscreen. The machines are also very efficient as you can start them up straight away every morning.

    Crescent Pharma

The Rotech Tick

A bit about us

The code mark of excellence

Founded 25 years ago, our business has built a reputation for providing a valuable, end-to-end service – from consultancy and advice, right through to product installation and ongoing support.

Our success is due to our expertise and our ability to solve problems. No matter how small or how significant, we will always deliver the right solution in terms of efficiency, sustainability, and quality engineering.

Excellence underpins all that we do at Rotech, so if you’re looking to work with knowledgeable professionals, you’ve arrived at the right place.

You’ll get a real person when you call Rotech. Real people helping real people in real time, just like it was 25 years ago.

Chris Baker, Founder

Discover our History

Transform your batch coding processes with Rotech:

Operator friendly on-line and off-line batch coding for primary, secondary and tertiary packaging.

  • Innovative solutions

Address specific pain-points on your production line.

  • Prompt responses

Quick delivery of products and services

  •  Consistent, reliable support

Our UK-based team are always on hand to offer technical support, training, and guidance when you need it

  • A team of experts

190+ combined years of experience working in (but not limited to) the food, drink, pharmaceutical, cosmetic industries.

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