Thermal Transfer Print Heads

The Thermal Printhead is at the heart of all Thermal Transfer (and Direct Thermal) Printers, whether they are used on line or offline.

Although there are different resolutions, 200 dots per inch and 300 dots per inch are the most common. These are based on resolutions of 8 and 12 dots per mm. At such fine resolutions, the size of the heating element within the printhead is very small and does have a limited life.

When a heating element (pixel) fails, a thin white line appears across the print area. The process is irreversible and so requires the replacement of the printhead.

Rotech have an extensive database of printers allowing for rapid selection of the correct printhead, which needs to be both electrically and mechanically compatible with the printer. Regular cleaning of the printhead together with use of a high quality ribbon will help extend printhead life and deliver optimum print quality.

We can offer you:

  • OEM and compatible replacement printheads.
  • Flathead type, corner edge type and true edge type thermal printhead variants.
  • Advice on how to prolong the life of your printhead, how to clean it and how to change it when it does need replacing.

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