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Amid a cost of living and climate crisis, manufacturers all over the UK are looking at how they can cut back on costs, while also improving the sustainability of their production and packaging processes. Many are also battling with old coding systems that are prone to health issues, causing whole lines to stop unexpectedly – costing huge amounts in downtime and maintenance fees.

Sound familiar?

We can help! Let our experts evaluate your coding processes, target those troublesome areas and improve the overall health of your production line.

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Our solutions

 X72 Outer Case printer on a horticulture production line
  • The X72 Jet Unit proved itself very quickly- zero downtime, was easy to use and accommodated all our print data requirements. Our savings based on direct box printing versus label print and apply are more than £3.5K per year, per unit.

    Westland Horticulture

  • We’ve been delighted with the print quality and performance of the Rotech system. It has allowed us to print bags on demand as we receive customer orders and also to limit our stock holding to just a few sizes of unprinted blanks.

    GFI Europe

  • We looked at various options but chose Rotech’s Integra printer because of its simplicity and reliability. Moving to this new thermal printing technology has reduced our labour costs and eliminated mis-labelling, which has improved overall efficiency.


"I trimmed my waste by 72,000 labels and shed £48,000 pounds in unnecessary costs, all in less than a year!"

Success story - Green Partners

Read how Rotech helped the flower producer dramatically trim their waste by introducing large area, direct printers to their production lines.

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Trim Your Waste & Maximise Your Productivity

By going lean with their coding and marking, many manufacturers have boosted their productivity, welcomed cost-savings and even improved their sustainability credentials – a key factor for many consumers when making a purchase decision.

Here are some things every manufacturer should address to go lean with their coding and marking:

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The idea that traditional plastic packaging can be swapped out for a material that looks and feels the same, but that can be composted when it’s no longer needed is an amazing concept. But is it as simple as chucking that ready meal tray marked as ‘compostable’ out, along with your banana skins and onion peel? Sadly no, compostable plastics fall into 3 categories, and the category they fall into, determines how they must be disposed of to be composted effectively.

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