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What to expect from your site evaluation: a step-by-step breakdown

1. Initial consultation

During your first phone consultation, we will walk you through what to expect from a site evaluation. This is your opportunity to discuss your existing processes and highlight any bottlenecks on your production line.

2. Site evaluation

One of our specialists will visit your site to analyse your entire production line, focusing on specific pain points and identifying other troublesome areas, relating to cost, waste and productivity.

3. Results and recommendations

Following your site evaluation, you will recieve a detailed report, including actionable recommendations to upgrade your production line, with solutions that we can provide, or if necessary, recommend trusted partners who we know can help.

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Lickalix Logo Pump street chocolate logo Rolla granola logo 2 GFI EUROPE Logo English Cheesecake company logo Molls bacon logo Pots logo Celtic Bakers logo PK FOODS logo
 Pots and Co packaging stacked up
  • What we liked about Rotech is that they didn’t just give us list of machines and a list of prices. We felt they had more expertise than the other coding companies we saw. They were also very much of the attitude that they would sort out any problems or challenges we might have.

    Pots & Co

  • The team at Rotech was incredibly knowledgeable, professional, and attentive to our specific needs. Their exceptional customer service and after-sales support have made us feel valued and confident in our investment – we couldn’t be happier with the results.

    Orange County CBD

  • We were literally writing the sell by date on to the sachet by hand. Every month we make batches of around 4,000 bars, and it was taking up hours of our time. Now, in 20 minutes or so, the Rotech machine prints what it would have taken us three days to write by hand.

    Pump Street Chocolate

The Rotech Tick

Improve the health of your manufacturing

A site evaluation may be free of charge, but the benefits are substantial. Sometimes working day in, day out in production can leave you blind to inefficiencies. A fresh pair of eyes will put a spotlight on any bottlenecks, giving you the opportunity to address them.

If it is found that one of our solutions would be beneficial and you decide to purchase, we will ensure a smooth and seamless installation with minimal downtime. Additionally, our equipment is available for rental to provide you with maximum flexibility.

Below is an example of how switching to a maintenance-free best before date printer, can cut your coding costs by 50% and completely get rid of the need for spare parts and servicing.

Based off a best before date (19 MAR) printed with a standard TTO printer using a 35mm ribbon vs. a drop on demand thermal inkjet (TIJ) printer.

Thermal Transfer cost of ownership traffic light system

Thermal Transfer (TTO)

Thermal Inkjet cost of ownership traffic light system

Thermal Inkjet (TIJ)

The Rotech Tick

Why choose us?

Impressive ROI for food and drink manufacturers

Over the past 25 years, Rotech has built strong working relationships with many food and drink manufacturers, providing solutions that offer an impressive ROI, and meet the required standards for the industry.

Team of experts

We specialise in coding and marking. However, our team have 190+ years of combined experience in manufacturing, which gives us extensive insight into every stage of production. Having worked with growing SME’s all the way through to large enterprises, we truly understand the needs of each project and the customer behind it.

The best contacts

Our strong reputation means we are the go-to supplier of coding equipment to OEM’s across the UK. Our expertise extends beyond our core team; if we don’t have the solution you need, we can connect you to one of our trusted partners for help.

Meet the engineers carrying out site evaluations:
Darren, Rotech's Sales Support Manager


20+ years' experience in manufacturing and packaging.

Steve, Rotech's UK Sales Manager


30+ years' experience in manufacturing and packaging.

Marcin, Rotech's Support Engineer


Visited 1500 sites across the UK supporting packaging equipment.

James, Sales Executive at Rotech


Visited 500+ sites across the UK to discuss production line requirements.

Real-life results | Little Moons


Little Moons wanted to replace their sluggish systems that were causing downtime through repairs and servicing. As a growing company with high demand from top retail stores, they needed to invest in a more cost-effective and reliable solution.


Rotech offered a free site evaluation with Steve Ryan, who identified areas in which they could streamline their packaging process. An RF Lite feeding system was bought in to speed up their batch coding process and improve print quality.


The company could batch code 1000 cartons in a fraction of the time it would have previously taken them. The RF Lite meant that they could fulfil their ambitions of growing retail to 50% of the business, without coding being a limiting factor.

Start your transformation today

Our experts will work with you to evaluate your current processes; looking at ways you can trim your waste, shed excess pounds (£) and keep them off!

You can do this in 3 steps:

1. Initial consultation

Discussing your existing processes and identifying any bottlenecks that you are experiencing.

2. Site evaluation

On the day, our specialist engineers will thoroughly analyse your current processes from start to finish.

3. Results and recommendations

Recieve actionable recommendations to upgrade your production line.

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