Make Lite Work

Make Lite work batch coding pouches, cartons & sleeves with the RF Lite®

Are you batch coding your packaging by hand?

Under no circumstances should you be manually applying batch codes, best before dates or lot numbers onto your products and packaging.

Here’s why:

  • It takes ages.
  • It’s a waste of money, resources and labour.
  • It’s not sustainable with a growing business.
  • It results in lots of misprints caused by human error.

You may believe that an alternative is out of reach and there’s no way to solve your coding headache.

But, what if we told you there is a way to bridge the gap between fully automatic on-line coding and completely manual off-line coding.

The Rotech Tick

Make your workforce more productive with an RF Lite® coding system...

Rotech’s RF Lite coding systems are designed to make light work of date and batch coding.

Simply stack flat-form packaging into the machine, press a button and watch as the packs are individually fed under a thermal inkjet (TIJ) printer where they are consistently printed with a high-quality code.

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Automate the process

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Lighten the workload

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Improve accuracy

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Maximise efficiency

Top companies who have made Lite work of their batch coding

For sleeves, cartons and pouches

There are three models within the RF Lite® range, each designed specifically to handle certain packaging types. All are compact, table top systems, that will seamlessly slot into your production process.

RFLite® Friction

For cartons and sleeves

RFLite® Pouch

For bags and pouches

RFLite® Shuttle

For small cartons

 RF Auto with TIJ Printer and Rotech tick on 3D printed component.
  • "We were literally writing the sell by date on to the sachet by hand. Every month we make batches of around 4,000 bars, and it was taking up hours of our time. Now, in 20 minutes or so the Rotech machine prints what it would have taken us three days to write by hand."


  • "It's a great little machine, rather than applying labels by hand with a labelling gun, we can now load up the RFLite™ with flat sleeves, walk away and get on with something else. It's brilliant."


  • "At peak times we are over printing between 40,000 and 50,000 tags per week. With the RFLite™ we free up 2 or 3 members of staff and save labour, time and money."


Made in Britian logo

Made in Britain

As a one-of-a-kind coding system, the RF Lite® has not only helped us to expand our product range, but it has also assisted many UK small businesses in their growth, allowing them to scale up their coding processes alongside increased demand. Now some of those businesses aren’t so small anymore.

The RF Lite® has been designed, engineered and manufactured here in our Hertfordshire factory; something unique to Rotech that we are extremely proud of.


Make Lite Work

Here’s how you can make your workforce more productive using the RFLite®

1. Get in touch

The first step is simple. Give us a call, or fill in this form.

2. The proof is in the print

Our industry experts will demonstrate your product samples on the RF Lite®, highlighting print quality and durability.

3. Quick turnaround of product and services

Due to popular demand, we hold plenty of ex-stock for the RF Lite® feeding systems. This means we can guarantee super speedy delivery of orders.

4. Aftercare fuelled by excellence

Our UK-based team are always on hand to offer technical support, training and guidance when you most need it.


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