Embossing Type

Embossing & debossing type products

We supply a wide range of embossing type, debossing type and engraved dies for all your coding and marking requirements.

We guarantee same-day despatch on stock items and competitive prices.

Embossing/Debossing type

  • Vast range of styles to suit blister, carton and tube filling machines.
  • A wide range of styles, sizes and typefaces (including OCR-B).
  • Ability to match any variety or style exactly.
  • Innovative type stocking system to ensure clients type is regularly inspected for wear or damage.
  • Type can be manufactured for the following cartoners and blister machines: Bosch, CAM, Comardis, IWKA, Kalix, Klockner, Marchesini, Norden, Promatic, Romaco and Uhlmann.

Engraved Dies

  • A wide range of dies to suit blister, carton and tube filling machines.
  • Flat and curved metal dies to the highest standards of accuracy.
  • Quality dies that enable printing machines to run at the fastest production speeds.