Ideal for the automatic feeding of flat cartons, sleeves and books

Simple to set up and operate, the RF1-Shuttle Feeder is a high-performance, high-volume carton and sleeve feeder. When fitted with the right technology the system can print variable information on demand. It is fully adjustable, allowing print positions, carton and sleeve changes to be made quickly and easily.

Once separated, the product is fed onto a continuous conveyor transport and one marked, is collated on the outfeed and stacked ready for operator removal.

Key features of the RF1 Shuttle Carton Feeder are:

  • Fast changeover between batches, minimising downtime.
  • High-speed shuttle plate system giving exceptional print repeatability.
  • Designed to minimise wear and maintenance (e.g. feeder plates made from soft material, and electronic clutch ensures consistent feeding.)

Technical Information (Standard Machine)

System dimensions (L x W x H) Machine 1285 x 595 x 740mm (Catcher 420mm)
Material dimensions min. 60 x 100mm, max. 350 x 335mm
Material thickness min. 1mm, max. 4mm

This data refers to the basic unit without the integration of a printing/labelling system

RF Range Brochure