RF1 Pharmaceutical Feeding System

High specification pharma feeding system

Ideal for:

  • Datamatrix barcoding of cartons.
  • Addition of LOT and EXP information.
  • Integral inspection of printed information and pharmacode.
  • Automatic removal of reject cartons.

The Pharma version of the RF1 is designed to allow pharmaceutical customers to print and inspect cartons offline and is fitted with both an automatic diverter-flap reject system and shingling (accumulation) conveyor to maintain high throughput whilst being easy to operate.

CIP-13 datamatrix barcoding to ISO/IEC 15415 demands near perfect presentation of a carton to the printer, (most commonly a Thermal Inkjet Printer) in order to achieve the highest verification grade. Offline feeding and printing of cartons, offers such conditions and permits for the inspection of the datamatrix barcode, OCR text and pharmacode.

Key features of the RF1 Pharma are:

  • Available in either Friction or Shuttle feeder variant for consistent and high speed feeding of cartons of all type including crash-lock.
  • Automatic rejection system and integral shingling conveyor.
  • Able to accommodate a wide range of printer, camera and even labeller types.

Technical Information (Standard Machine)

System dimensions (L x W x H) Machine 2045 x 625 x 1465mm
Material dimensions min. 60 x 70mm, max. 350 x 350mm
Material thickness min. 60 g/sqm (paper weight), max. 4mm

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